Luxury Car Shipping And Auto Transport Services

Exotic Car Transport doesn’t limit our services to just exotic makes and model cars. We handle luxury vehicles with care too. The same options that we offer for exotic car transport is also available for use with your luxury vehicle. Just like shipping an exotic car, you want only the best and most delicate transport services around.

What is a Luxury Vehicle?

The luxurious class of vehicles are cars that have the luxury features standard on them. Unlike regular passenger cars that base their features on trim package levels, high end is standard in these cars.

Standard Luxury Features

Some of the standard features you will find in a luxury car are:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Seat massager
  • Heated seats
  • Water-resistant windows
  • Automated safety features
  • Expensive entertainment systems

What Are Common Luxury Car Makes?

It is easy to mix up exotic car makes with luxury car makes. Exotic cars are an off-shoot of luxury cars that are often more expensive and have custom dealer add-on features like speed and design.

Common makes of luxury cars include:

  • Tesla
  • Acura
  • Infiniti
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Lexus

These vehicles don’t cost quite as much as their exotic and foreign counterparts. But have luxury written all over them with features and design.

Types of Shipping Methods Available for Luxury Vehicles

When it comes to your luxury vehicle, you want to protect your investment. We want to help you do that by providing you the best means of shipping your vehicle, no matter where you need to ship it to. There are different options available for transporting your vehicle, but most luxury and exotic cars use enclosed transport for their shipping needs.

What is Enclosed Shipping?

Enclosed shipping is a method that uses a specialized covered trailer to transport your vehicle. Unlike usual, cheaper means of transport, these trailers offer shelter and protection from common nuisances.

Weather– Protecting your car from the elements that the weather can bring is essential. Much like you house your car in your garage, we recommend using enclosed transport to protect your luxury vehicle from the elements. Hail can cause severe damage to the outside of a car and even crack a windshield. If you are transporting a long distance, the weather is too unpredictable to take chances.

Luxury Treatment– Enclosed shipment offers perks that other transport doesn’t generally have. The tie-down straps used in enclosed transport are strong, but gentle enough to prevent any damage to your vehicle in the shipping process. Luxury tie-down service also means that Exotic Car Transport will use your vehicles natural suspension instead of working against it. This reduces the unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s shocks and struts.

Insurance– Enclosed shipping trucks ship higher-end vehicles (as a general rule), this means that insurance on these trucks offer better coverage options. If your vehicle is damaged in any way, our insurance covers you and your luxury vehicle.

Experienced Drivers– Drivers who are in charge of enclosed transports are more experienced drivers. They have the training to work all the equipment necessary to transport your luxury vehicle safely and securely.

Low-Hydraulic Lifts– Most of the enclosed transport trailers are equipped with low-profile friendly hydraulic lifts. The use of this kind of lift helps get your vehicle into the covered transport horizontally without excess wear from trying to get it up a ramp. At inclines, lower profile cars can scrape their undercarriage. This can cause a lot of damage.

Preparing Your Luxury Car for Shipping

Just like when getting ready to take a trip, you pack and get your things ready. You have to do the same for your luxury vehicle before having it shipped. Exotic Car Transport will let you know all of the requirements for shipping your luxury vehicle way ahead of time.

  1. Wash all dirt and debris from your vehicle before shipment. This includes the undercarriage. Some countries do not allow foreign soil to be brought across the border, and this requires that the vehicle be free from all dust, debris, and foreign particles. Exotic Car Transport will make sure that you have enough time to complete this step prior to shipping.
  2. Inspect your luxury car. This is for your protection and ours. We can’t say that accidents won’t happen, but we try our best to ensure that they don’t. When you have pictures and proof of what the vehicle looked like before shipment, that helps us help you if something occurs.
  3. Before you ship your vehicle, make sure that you carry out all maintenance. This includes oil changes, fluid refills, and exhaust work. Leaky cars can cause a problem for shipping containers. Make sure that you reduce the gas in your tank to below a quarter.
  4. There is no need to leave things in your car that could get damaged in transport. You know that your vehicle will move around, and with that knowledge, putting something fragile in your car isn’t worth the risk. Make sure that you leave the required car documentation in the vehicle and the license plate intact.
  5. Make sure that you let Exotic Car Transport know of any special quirks your vehicle may have. While we drive it a minimal amount, it is always important to know if there is anything special about how it operates.

Prices for Enclosed Transport of Luxury Vehicles

You can expect to pay a little more for luxury transport services than you would for an economy shipping option. The cost is offset due to the special measures taken to guarantee the best transport of your luxury vehicle. Trailers that are enclosed cost more to buy and maintain than those that are not covered.

Exotic Car Transport tries to accommodate all your needs and your expectations. When you call our transport company, we will treat you like family and offer you a quote that is competitive and affordable. We understand that moving a vehicle can be an overwhelming time, and this is why we offer the best services to get your luxury car where it needs to go.

Shipping Expensive Cars

Cars come in all sizes, colors, and options. They also come in various prices. Exotic Car Transport understands that. You wouldn’t ship a glass vase without some sort of protection with it. So why would you ship your expensive vehicle with anything other than the best options available?

What Counts As An Expensive Car?

There is a lot of controversy about what can be classified as an expensive car. Breaking that down even further is the disagreement over what counts as exotic and what counts as a luxury car. In terms of “expensive,” exotic and luxury cars are going to fall into this category.

Exotic Car Identifiers

The top of the food chain of expensive cars is the exotic branch of vehicles. The following characteristics often identify these:

  • A costly price tag-one that the general population can’t afford to buy
  • Unique high-performance capabilities
  • Design that makes them recognizable on a city street
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Performance first mindset, especially with size and shape
  • Fast

Common brands you will find in the category are:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bugatti
  • Lamborghini
  • Lotus
  • Ferrari
  • Alfa Romero

Luxury Car Identifiers

Any car make holds the potential to reach luxury status, but most of them do not. For a car to be considered a luxury type, at one point in time, the price tag had to be at least $30,000. Now, we are more conscious that a luxury vehicle is one that offers “luxury” features standard.

For example, economy priced vehicles only offer so many things standard when you buy them. Certain trim upgrades can be purchased, but they aren’t standard. Some vehicles come with things like heated steering wheels, leather, surround sound, and entertainment systems standard that push them into the luxury category.

Typical luxury makes include:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Infiniti
  • Jaguar
  • Rolls Royce
  • And more

It doesn’t matter if your car is a McLaren and costs over a million dollars or a Mercedez-Benz, Exotic Car Transport offers services that keep your expensive vehicle safe while in transit.

Enclosed Shipment Method

The best option for shipping an expensive car is by utilizing Exotic Car Transports enclosed shipment trailers. Enclosed shipment trailers offer a variety of added features that you cannot get when you choose an economy shipping method. Although it is a little more expensive to transport via an enclosed trailer, it is worth it when handling your valuable investment.

Protection from the Outside World

Enclosed shipping trailers offer extra protection from the outside world. This protection preserves your car so that it returns to you in the same condition it was picked up in. Weather is probably one of the most significant variables in the car transport industry. This is especially true on shipments that are going from one side of the country to another.

Damage from hail, tree branches, road debris, and gravel are all eliminated when choosing enclosed shipment from Exotic Car Transport. Our trailers are also an extra measure of safety to thwart off thieves who may think that there is something valuable inside your car, or even worse, try to steal the whole thing.

Protection on the Inside

Besides offering up superior protection on the outside with our hard-sided trailers, Exotic Car Transport also provides quality inside the shipping trailer to exceed your expectations.

  • Your car stays in place during transport.
    • Over-the-tire soft-tie downs offer the stability of keeping your vehicle in place, but gentle enough to use the suspension of the car for a smoother ride.
  • Liftgates and drop decks
    • Enclosed shipping trailers offer hydraulic liftgates that are specifically designed for lower profiled cars, which is the majority of the exotic and luxury car population.
    • Drop decks allow for vehicles of various sizes and shapes to be shipped comfortably and safely.
  • Interior perks
    • Tarped decks reduce the risk of fluids leaking on your vehicle during transport.
    • Exotic Car Transport’s enclosed trailers offer the most inside space available in the shipping industry.

All of the enclosed trailers that we offer ride on an air-suspension, which means your vehicle will have the smoothest ride from point A to point B. There is no unnecessary strain on your exotic or luxury car during transport.

Being Cost-Effective

Enclosed transport trailers are a more expensive option when shipping a vehicle, but they offer the most considerable amount of amenities for your vehicle. Before you get a quote, make sure that you have all of the information that you need for the most accurate shipping quote.

Getting Your Quote

We need to know what the make, model, and year is of the car you want to ship. This helps us determine the size of the vehicle and the weight. Size can help us determine if your vehicle will fit on another shipment, which can help save money.

Where and when do you need your shipment? Dates have the potential to affect your price. If you want door-to-door shipping, knowing the exact addresses will help with an accurate estimate. It may also open your shipping up to other options that can save you additional money.

Terminal shipping is a cheaper option, but does not compromise the safety of your vehicle. The utilization of terminal shipping options are especially helpful if you are not in a hurry or need expedited service. You drop your car off at a terminal facility and then pick it up in the largest city terminal in the same area you need it delivered to.

The Choice is Yours

If you already know how you want your vehicle shipped, tell us, and we can accommodate that quote for you. If you don’t know, we are more than happy to walk you through the process. We are with you from the very first phone call. We want you to have a positive experience shipping your expensive car where it needs to go.

Industry-Leading Expertise and Experience

Exotic Car Transport provides customers with over 30 years of experience in the car shipping industry. We understand what it takes to ship an expensive car, and we take pride in our ability to do so safely and effectively.

Know that your expensive car is in good hands with our experienced drivers and enclosed shipping trailers.

Exotic Vehicle Shipping in Arizona (AZ)

Arizona is known as one of the “Four Corner” states and is the sixth largest state by area. A lot of car shipments, especially exotic cars, have an origination or destination in the Arizona area. Arizona also sees a lot of family relocation or travels thanks to the Grand Canyon, and it’s hot weather.

What should you take into consideration when looking for exotic car shipments to or from the state of Arizona (AZ)?

Tips Before and After Finding the Right Transport Service

Just like with any other services you use for your exotic vehicle, there are certain things that you should do before you commit. In Arizona, multiple car transport companies could serve you in your needs, but do they meet all the requirements? Here are some tips to make the process a little smoother:

  • Don’t settle for the first quote you get from a high end transport service. Shop around to find the best price available. Exotic Car Transport service will always offer you the most competitive rates for your exotic transport needs. Make sure you are looking into the transport company so that you can make sure they are reputable. The last thing you want is to do business with someone who will not meet the standards of the industry.
  • Check the licensing of the companies that you are considering. When you plan to transport your exotic car, you only want the best. There are companies out there that are not accredited, and they are not professional. Make sure you do your research so that you are not dissatisfied with your exotic car transport services.
  • Have all of your paperwork together before getting your quote. This information will help in preparing the most accurate rate for transporting your exotic car. This includes your proof of insurance, your car’s title, and your photo identification. Knowing where your pick up and drop off points are ahead of time will also help with the quoted rate. Having all of this done ahead of time can help make the transition quicker once you opt for your delivery service of choice.
  • Prepare your vehicle ahead of time for the temperature changes. If you are shipping your exotic car to Arizona, you need to prepare your car for the hot temperatures that accompany the state. The same applies vice versa. For your exotic car, we recommend a closed transport. This protects your car from the weather elements, possible theft, and road debris protection should be of utmost importance with an exotic vehicle.

Factoring in Cost and Time for Transport

Depending on the distance you plan on shipping your exotic car will determine the price that you will pay and the time it will take for delivery. Please remember that when you are transporting a vehicle, it is being done by a driver who is using a truck and trailer to accommodate the needs you specify. If you require expedited shipping, you have to understand that more cost is required with that method.

For shipment within the United States, you can expect most transport services to take anywhere between two and eight days, depending on the mileage they have to travel. This compensates for the time that the driver has to sleep, break, etc. Keep in mind that exotic cars are best kept safe in a closed shipping method.

From Phoenix to Las Vegas, it is approximately 297 miles. The cost associated with this shorter distance can run as little as $300 and take up to four days, although it could take as little as two.

Shipping from Illinois to Arizona is approximately 1545 miles. It can take a driver anywhere from five to seven days to complete the trip. Prices begin close to $1000 for a trip like this.

Shipments across the country are going to cost you the most. From coast to coast, if the shipment is not an expedited order, it can take up to a week to complete. This compensates for the downtime a driver must take while driving. The recommendation industry-wide for exotic cars is for a closed transport to be used. We understand that shorter distances could get by utilizing an open transport, we do not recommend this for long distances.

Longer distances mean a lot more variables in the transport. We cannot predict what weather conditions or road conditions may come up during the transport of an exotic car. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Exotic Car Transport’s Mission and Promise

The mission of Exotic Car Transport is to provide you and your exotic car with the safest, fastest, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly service that can’t be beaten. We take extreme pride in the services that we provide high-quality service that is paired with one-on-one experiences that cannot be compared to.

Exotic Car Transport promises to:

  • Invest and employ the best employees in the industry to better serve our valued customers
  • Use the newest technologies to ensure that we are efficient and enhance our customer experiences
  • Adhere to the environmental industries standards by fulfilling our obligation to making a clean impact
  • Promote safety in all components of the shipping process. Not only do we strive to keep our employees safe, but we take measures to ensure that cargo is secure as well during transport
  • Remain in full compliance with the rules set forth by the FMCSA and the DOT. We know that a safe transport promotes safety on the roads.
  • Transport cars in enclosed trailers.

The Most Important Promise

The most important promise that we can make to you at Exotic Car Transport is to provide you with the best quality at the lowest prices. Once you become a customer with Exotic Car Transport, you are family.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to the next state or you are moving across the country to live in Arizona, we have your back. We will move your exotic car with the utmost respect and care that the industry provides. You should always know that you are in the best hands when you choose Exotic Car Transport for your shipping needs.

Exotic Car Shipping To & From Canada

When selecting to ship your exotic car to and from Canada, the first thing to look for is a transport service that understands the difference between “exotic” and “luxury” vehicles. A lot of times, people try to interchange these words, but we know that is not the case.

Requirements of Shipping Across Borders

When you decide that you need to ship your exotic vehicle across national borders, specific criteria and regulations have to be followed. These are not always the same when going from Canada to the United States and vice versa. Understanding the legality of exotic car transportation before shipping can save a lot of time and headaches.

From the United States to Canada

Canada has specific requirements for bringing a United States registered automobile into their country. Your team at Exotic Car Transport will make sure that you have all the information to gather the necessary documentation before the shipment of your exotic car.

Proof of Ownership

Before you can ship an exotic car across the United States and Canada border, you will have to prove that you are the owner. This can be done via the original title or by obtaining a certified copy from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The proof will have to be received by the border crossing no later than 72 hours before the shipment passes through.

Our dispatcher will contact you before the shipment to let you know what border crossing address you will be required to use. You can then send the documentation to the name and address provided.

You will also be required to show your photo identification card and supply a copy for the crossing.

Import Compatibility and Non-Regulated Vehicles

Canada only allows vehicles that meet their regulations and requirements to come into the country. Transport Canada offers up the rules and special forms on their website to cut your customs crossing time down.

To find out if your exotic car is eligible for importation into the country, make sure to check the Transport Canada Import Compatibility List.

Examples of non-regulated vehicles include:

  • Any vehicle that is 15 years or older based on their date of manufacture
  • Buses that have a manufacture date before January 1, 1971
  • Temporary vehicles for visitors, international students, or foreign workers
  • Off-road only vehicles-farm tractors, construction equipment, and UTVs (utility terrain vehicles)
  • Closed course competition vehicles
  • Power-assisted bicycles

Procedures to follow to get these vehicles imported:

  • Verify the vehicle falls under the non-regulated status
  • Inspect for possible soil contamination
  • Make sure you have your ownership documents in order
  • Pay taxes and/or duties if they are applicable for the import
  • Decide the admissibility according to Canadian customs regulations

Import Forms and Fees

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles requires that Form 1 be filled out for the vehicle. Right now, the current fees for import are:

$310.00 + GST and QST for vehicles entering the country at a crossing in Quebec

$310.00 + GST/HST for vehicles entering the country at a crossing in any other province

Within 45 days of importing an exotic car into Canada, it must be taken to an approved facility for inspection. At this inspection site, the car must be accompanied by the original Form 1 and Form 2. Once inspected, Form 2 will be stamped.

Take the stamped Form 2, original bill of sale, title, the B13 or B15 from customs, and go to the registration office. Then you will pay your fees. This will make you legal in the country of Canada.

You have to keep all documentation regarding the importation for six years.

From Canada to the United States

The United States also has its own set of rules when it comes to importing a car from Canada into the United States.

Vehicle Documentation

Before ever making shipping arrangements, you will be advised that you need to get a letter from the manufacturer of the vehicle. Within this letter, the VIN must be added and match the vehicle you are attempting to bring through customs.

The letter must also state that the vehicle meets all of the requirements that are applicable to U.S. safety and emission standards. Make sure you read the letter very carefully to make sure that it includes all the vital information.

Before you can cross the border and bring your exotic car into the United States, you will need to take all the documents proving ownership to the U.S. Customs building. You will be required to fill out CPB 7501 and possibly other forms.

Customs officials will inspect the vehicle to make sure it matches the paperwork. To reduce the risk of contaminants entering the United States, they require the undercarriage of the car to be free of foreign soil before shipment across the border.

Fees and Registration

The good news, most vehicles that are made in Canada or the United States are not subject to duties. Foreign-made exotic cars are more likely to pay the following:

  • Auto- 2.5%
  • Trucks- 25%
  • Motorcycles- 0% or 2.4%

As a resident of the United States, you can apply your $400 Customs exemption and those of family members accompanying you to the value of the car. After exemptions, 10% on the first $1,000 is charged. For any remaining amount, the tax charged at the regular duty rate.

If the EPA rating for the vehicle is less than 22.5 miles per gallon, an extra gas-guzzler tax may be imposed.

Now that the hard part is done, you can get your vehicle registered in the United States. Make sure that upon entering the United States, the car is legally insured. Take all of your Customs paperwork and documentation to the state Department of Transportation. This is where you will pay the applicable fees and register the vehicle. You will get your plates either the same day or in the mail.

Don’t Sweat the Details of Transport

All of the information on transporting across borders can be overwhelming. You don’t have to worry about doing it alone. Exotic Car Transport handles transporting exotic cars across borders frequently, and we can guide you through the process so that it is not overwhelming.

Let the professionals take care of telling you all the information you need to gather for your exotic transport. Calling Exotic Car Transport for a quote across the border is the best choice for import support that matters.

High-End Car Transport Services

There are several different kinds of car transport services that you can obtain when you need to ship your vehicle. These types of services can be economy through high-end and luxury services. Understanding the types of services available can help you determine which shipping method is right for you.

What is High-End Transport?

High-end transport services are generally reserved for higher-end exotic or luxury brand vehicles. These vehicles are the ones that require the white-glove treatment. Exotic Car Transport knows what you look for in exotic and luxury car transport.

Closed Transport is Shipping’s Finest

Exotic Car Transport only offers the most elegant transport for your exotic and luxury vehicles. The quality of the features we offer are what show you we know what high-end looks like. The only transport for your high-end needs is our closed transport trailers. These trailers come with specific features that are designed to provide luxury and style during your shipment.

  • Providing over-the-tire soft-tie downs to hold your vehicle in place. Using this form of tie-down also helps use your vehicle’s natural suspension to ride out the journey while remaining in place.
  • Trailers include:
    • Hard covered sides to protect your exotic or luxury car from weather, road debris, and possible damage.
    • The largest inside dimensions the industry has to offer for closed transport.
    • Tarped decks protect your vehicle from possible leaking fluids.
    • An air-ride suspension for a gentler travel experience for your vehicle.
  • Trailers include hydraulic lift-gates that are essential for loading and unloading lower-profile vehicles.
  • Drop decks accommodate various vehicle sizes and shapes.

Exotic Car Transport offers trailers that can accommodate up to seven exotic and luxury vehicles. If you prefer not to share a trailer with so many vehicles during your shipping process, we can accommodate shipment with fewer vehicle trailers.

Protection on the Road

Your vehicle is an investment and very special to you. Exotic Car Transport understands this, and we want to do everything we can to provide you with the best high-end transport solutions. Weather can often cause a problem during transport, especially when traveling a long distance. Since we cannot predict how the weather will act during your shipment, we offer the finest trailers that will protect your vehicle from the elements.

Weather is something that cannot be controlled. A lot of time predictions can be wrong regarding it too. The best security we can offer you from these possible conditions is closed transport with our hard covered trailers.


One natural phenomenon that can cause a lot of damage to vehicles is hail. Hail is an ice pellet that can range in various sizes. If you have ever seen a hail storm, you know that the pellets can be pea-sized to quarter-sized and larger.

Hail can do a lot of damage. Cracked windshields, dented car bodies, and scratches are often side effects of your car being exposed to hail. There is no “special forecast” that can be given to determine hail. Some of the nastiest storms can be without hail, but a Spring shower can create a massive amount.

Wind Damage

Even though the wind itself is not the perpetrator, it is a conductor for it. Wind has the capability of picking up branches and other debris in yards or roadways that can cause damage to a vehicle. If a branch has been caught in the wind, it has the potential of causing real damage to your car, including broken windows, mirrors being torn off, and scratched paint. Some custom paint jobs can cost thousands of dollars on high-end vehicles.

Road Debris

Weather patterns are not the only thing that high-end covered transport will protect your exotic or luxury vehicle from. Semi-trailers have the capability of stirring up quite a bit on the roadways. Rocks or gravel have the potential to get stirred up, or fresh blacktop that has loose components that can damage the paint on a vehicle. Closed transport trailers take all the worry of outside elements like these from damaging your car.


You don’t have to drive an expensive car for this to be a worry, especially if using an open transport. Cars can end up with damage when someone tries to break into them, and while Exotic Car Transport does everything within their power to stop this from happening, the sad truth is it can happen.

Closed transport shipping trailers offer an extended means of protection for your asset, in this case, your exotic or luxury car.

The Cost of High-End Car Transport

You can expect to pay a little more for higher-end transport quality. These enclosed transport trailers also offer a higher level of insurance coverage, which increases the price. For an accurate quote on an enclosed transport, you need to make sure you have the make, model, year, and distance when you call.

Much like economy transport services, the price is calculated by distance, car, and method of shipping. For higher-end vehicles, Exotic Car Transport specializes in enclosed shipping methods. This is for the protection of your vehicle. Prices for these services can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on where the destination is.

As a high-end car transport service, we excel at moving at any distance. If you are moving the next state over, Exotic Car Transport can handle that. If you are going to Canada, we can move it there too.

Why Choose Exotic Car Transport?

Why not? Exotic Car Transport has over 30 years of experience shipping vehicles where they need to go. We only hire qualified drivers to handle your vehicle. We understand the high-end and high-quality experience that you have come to expect when dealing with a vehicle shipping company.

Let us give you the best quote you will receive all day. We offer high-end service without breaking the bank. Don’t pay more for the same luxurious services that Exotic Car Transport can provide.

Give us a call today and receive your quote. Our team can give you all the options available to get your vehicle from here to there in style.

Exotic Enclosed Auto Transport

One of the best methods of shipping an exotic car is through enclosed transport services. Exotic Car Transport offers the best enclosed transport services in the nation. Explore the features available when you choose Exotic Car Transport.

What is Enclosed Transport?

Think of enclosed transport services like a five-star hotel, only for your exotic car. You will often hear enclosed transport called covered car transport. When you decide to use enclosed transport for your vehicle, you are getting the most excellent handling the industry has to offer.

Anatomy of an Enclosed Trailer

Hard or soft sides can surround enclosed trailers used for car transport purposes. Most of these trailers are equipped with a hydraulic lifting system that allows the vehicle to remain horizontal when moving it onto the truck.

These hydraulic lifts also accommodate lower profile vehicles, which most exotic cars fall into that category. Soft straps are utilized when securing an exotic car in an enclosed transport trailer. Just because the equipment used is more gentle, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as strong.

Perks of Using Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport, whether it is hard or soft, can offer protection that you can’t get anywhere else. Weather is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that your vehicle has to be subject to it if you are having it shipped. It doesn’t always occur, but hail can cause dents and dings to your vehicle. Enclosed transport saves your exotic car from this abuse.

Exotic Car Transport drivers are the best in the industry. They offer white-glove service, that is unbeatable. Having highly experienced drivers in your corner when you are transporting a vehicle offers more reassurance than transporting it by yourself or another company.

Understanding Enclosed Transport Cost

Enclosed transport is not going to be the cheapest way to transport your exotic car, but it is the safest. It is safe to assume that these types of transport trailers are more expensive than those that are uncovered and offer less protection from the elements.

Drivers of enclosed transport trailers are also highly trained to drive and operate the extra equipment that keeps your exotic car safe. We help combat the price fluctuations you may see by maintaining a fleet that is designed explicitly for your exotic car transportation needs.

Enclosed transport also requires a higher level of insurance coverage due to the cargo it generally ships. Keeping this in mind, your price will reflect expenditures for the coverage as well. We only provide the best coverages at the best rates during transport.

Other factors play into the prices you will pay when you ship your vehicle. These are custom in the industry and reflect things like mileage, weight, gas prices, the time of year you are shipping, and much more. All of these details factor into the cost of your vehicle shipment.

What Delivery Options Are Available With Enclosed Shipping?

When you decide to ship your exotic vehicle, there are different options for pick up and delivery that you should consider. Some of them are more expensive than others, but being informed of your choices help you receive the best prices in the industry.

Expedited Shipping

When you need your delivery to reach a destination as quickly as possible, expedited shipping via enclosed transport is the option you will need to choose. This is also the most expensive type of shipping price you will pay. Just like when you purchase something online, and it has to be shipped, you pay extra for quicker shipping.


Door-to-door shipping is the most popular option in car shipping. This is where we pick your car up at the location you give us, and we drop it off at the destination you choose. This can tack on extra mileage depending on the area it needs to be taken to.

Terminal Transport

Choosing to do a terminal transport is the cheapest way to go when shipping a car, even in an enclosed situation. You take your exotic car to a terminal, usually in a larger city. It is then transported to another terminal near your destination. This saves mileage, and if multiple cars are being shipped to the same terminal, it can reduce the rate you pay.

What Can I Do To Get The Best Price?

Shop around. There is no better way to put it. If you want to find the best price to ship your exotic vehicle, shop around. Not all enclosed carriers are the same, and not all companies are the same. Getting a quote from multiple providers can give you insight on how much you can expect to pay.

Items Needed for an Accurate Quote

Before calling anywhere to get a quote, make sure you have all of the information you need to get the most accurate quote available.

  • Year, Make, Model
    • Make sure you have the year, make, and model of the vehicle that you plan to ship. This can help determine the specific transport service that is right for you.
  • Type of Transport
    • If you know that you want a specific kind of transport service, you can include this when we are preparing your quote. If you do not have the type of transport that you want in mind, we can inform you of the best option. For example, a closed transport is often best for exotic vehicles.
  • Distance
    • Where is your shipment going? If you require a door-to-door shipment service, knowing the exact addresses at the time of your quote can offer you the most accurate price.

Choosing Exotic Car Transport

Make sure that you get a quote from Exotic Car Transport when you are shipping your exotic vehicle. We specialize in the shipping of exotic vehicles and have a dependable and trustworthy fleet to back it. We offer specialized exotic car enclosed transport services at prices that are lower than most of the industry competitors.

We will treat you like family from the minute we start your quote until our services are done. Once you choose the Exotic Car Transport family, you are a member for life.

Classic Car Shipping

All across the nation, you see flyers for car shows. These shows typically showcase vehicles that are older and are not often seen as a daily driver. Older cars are usually sorted out within the categories of classic, antique, and vintage.

What is a Classic Car?

To be defined as a classic car, the age of the vehicle is typically over 20 years from manufacture. There is a lot of controversy in the motor world when it comes to the true definition of a classic car versus an antique car. An antique and vintage car can be considered a classic car because they are over 20 years old. That does not mean that all classic cars can be regarded as antique or vintage.

Classic cars are over 20 years old based on manufacture date, but they do not exceed the 45-year mark. Antique vehicles are considered vehicles that are over 45 years old, which encompasses the classic car category. Vintage cars are singled to manufacture dates that fall between 1919 and 1930, still embracing the age of antique and classic.

Why is Classic, Antique, and Vintage Important?

The older the car, the more valuable it is. The value of the vehicle that you need to ship can often determine the method you use when shipping. For any vehicle that has had extensive rebuilds done or custom paint jobs, you will probably opt for an enclosed shipping method. Considering that a car manufactured in the year 2000 is now considered a classic, you may still be using it as your daily driver. If you are moving and just need this car shipped, you may decide that an open transport will fit your needs just fine.

Open Transport and Enclosed Transport

There are two popular options when it comes to shipping a vehicle. These options are open transport and enclosed transport. Exotic Car Transport knows that having options is important to you, especially when you are shipping a vehicle that means a lot to you.

Open Transport

Using an open transport trailer is the cheaper option between trailer services. Most of the open transport trailers are used to move multiple vehicles at one time. Think of the trucks you see making deliveries to the car lots. Those are open transport trailers. They do not offer the same kind of protection that an enclosed transport trailer provides.

Enclosed Transport

The popular option for vehicles, regardless of the vehicle’s value, is an enclosed shipping trailer. This type of trailer is a more expensive option, but offers the most protection.

  • The sides of enclosed trailers have hard or soft sides that protect vehicles from the outside elements. This can be anything from weather to debris in the road. Classic cars, depending on age and restoration, can often have expensive paint jobs. Extra protection is needed for features like this.
  • Enclosed trailers use drop decks that can accommodate more than one vehicle in the trailer or adjust for vehicles of various sizes and styles.
  • Over-the-tire soft-tie downs are used to keep the vehicle in place. This allows the vehicles natural suspension to move with the trailer.
  • Liftgates that accommodate various profiles allow for a smooth transition into the trailer.

Enclosed trailers also have a higher level of insurance coverage on them due to their high-value and high-end transports. This covers your vehicle better than open transport.

Preparing Your Classic Car For Shipping

Before you have your car loaded for shipping, make sure that you are preparing it for the shipping process. Exotic Car Transport will make sure that you are aware of all the requirements that are specific to your circumstance before your shipping date.

  • Make sure you clean wash your vehicle, especially the undercarriage. If you are shipping across the border, there may be a requirement that the vehicle be free of foreign soil and debris.
  • Reduce the amount of fuel in your vehicle to under a quarter of a tank. Make sure your maintenance is up to date. Have all the systems checked before travel. Leaks can lead to potentially dangerous situations.
  • Remove any non-essential components from the vehicle, especially if they are protruding from the vehicle. These can end up damaged in transport.
  • Have all of your paperwork ready to go at the time of shipping. Make sure that you keep your license plate on the vehicle and insurance information inside. If you are going across a border, make sure you have all the Customs documents and fees ready for the driver.

Exotic Car Transport won’t make you figure it out on your own. We will make sure you understand the process and are a part of the shipment every step of the way. We even offer GPS tracking on our trucks, and this lets you know where your vehicle is at any given moment.

Additional Information for Border Crossing

If you are shipping your classic car to Canada, you need to make sure that it is an allowable vehicle. Canada has strict guidelines when it comes to bringing a car from the United States into the Canadian country. Canada also requires that the title be sent to the appropriate border crossing point 72 hours before crossing.

On the other side of this, if you are bringing a vehicle into the country from Canada, the United States requires certain documentation ahead of time. Their time frame is generally two weeks before the car will be crossing into the country.

Shipping your vehicle to a different country can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Our team will make this an easier process for you. We will make sure that you have the correct border information before the shipment, and it will allow you more than enough time to get the proper documentation where it needs to go.

Classic Car Transport Experience

Exotic Car Transport offers experience on various vehicle types. We want to make sure that your classic car is safe at all times during transport, no matter the method you choose. Safety and satisfaction are synonymous when you choose us for your shipping needs.

Antique Car Shipping

When you think of the word antique, the word “old” probably comes to mind. This is not a wrong assumption, but when it comes to antique cars, you probably would never believe some of the cars you see on the road are considered antiques.

What is an Antique Car?

Most antique car dealers will classify an antique car as any vehicle that is over 45 years old from the date of manufacture. This means that a lot of these cars have had to be restored. Restoration often involves finding and changing expensive car parts. A lot of bodywork might have been necessary if it was a full restoration. This includes fixing the outside of the car. Paint jobs on antique cars are often custom. They require a particular style and grace.

Value of an Antique Car

You can put a monetary value on just about everything, but for an avid collector and restoration specialist, most antique cars are considered priceless. Restoration is expensive, especially when some parts may have become obsolete over the years. That is why Exotic Car Transport treats your antique car just like they would treat an exotic or luxury vehicle.

Highest Level of Protection

Most restoration specialists and antique car owners don’t want to drive the vehicle too much. This can bring down the value of the car and wear on parts that may not be easily obtainable. A popular method of getting these antique cars where they need to go is using enclosed transport trailers. Luckily, Exotic Car Transport has the experience required to ship these types of vehicles.

What is Enclosed Transport?

Antique cars require protection that keeps all sides of the vehicle safe. Enclosed shipping trailers are hard-sided trailers that protect vehicles from potential dangers that an open transport does not have the capability of doing.

Weather is often the biggest enemy of an antique car. Hail can damage not only the glass of the vehicle, but it can cause dents and scratch paint jobs. Exotic Car Transport does not have any way of controlling the weather, but we do have a way to protect your car from it with our enclosed trailers.

Enclosed transport trailers also utilize hydraulic lift systems that allow your vehicle to be lifted horizontally onto the trailer. The vehicle is then secured with soft-tie downs that fasten over the wheel, allowing the natural suspension movement during transport. This helps reduce strain from traditional tie-down methods.

Extensive Coverage on the Road

Enclosed transport trailers have a more comprehensive insurance policy coverage. Most enclosed transports are reserved for higher-valued vehicles, which requires a higher level of insurance coverage.

Besides our comprehensive insurance, enclosed trailer drivers are highly skilled in this specific type of transport. It takes special operations training for the specialized equipment utilized in an enclosed transport.

Pricing for Antique Car Shipping

Enclosed transport shipping is a little more expensive than using an open transport trailer. The trailer itself costs more to purchase and maintain than an open transport trailer. The equipment in an enclosed transport trailer is also specialized for higher-end vehicles and their components.

Comprehensive insurance also plays a role in the pricing of the shipment. This is only to help keep your assets covered at higher-values.

Just like open transport, some specifics will determine the amount shipping your antique car will cost. To help with establishing an accurate quote, make sure you have all special information and circumstances ready when calling.

  • Description of the antique car
    • The information that we find most helpful is the year, make, and model. The information helps us determine the size and weight of the vehicle. Modifications are also important, especially for shipping outside of the country.
  • Pick-up and drop-off information
    • When requesting door-to-door service, the most accurate quotes are ones that have specific addresses included. Even a difference in a few miles can change a price quote.
  • When you need the shipment
    • Time can play a huge factor in pricing. The sooner that you need the shipment done, the more you can expect to pay. Expedited shipping is available, but at a cost. The season you are shipping in also fluctuates the price.

This information can help you get the most accurate quote possible for shipping your antique car. We offer a variety of shipping methods, even with the enclosed transport services.

  • Door-to-door
    • One of the more popular choices in antique car shipping, door-to-door, is when you give us the point of pick-up and the destination of the drop-off with no additional distance necessary for the vehicle.
  • Terminal shipping
    • If you are not in an extreme hurry for your vehicle, and you are okay with your vehicle being transported with a group, terminal shipping is a more cost-effective solution. When you make a terminal shipment, you drop your car off at a specified shipping terminal. These are generally found in larger cities. Your antique car will then be loaded and transported to another terminal that is closest to the location where you want it shipped to. You would then go to the terminal, verify the vehicle is yours, and take possession of it.

Terminal shipping can be a cheaper option, only because it is a bulk shipment. One enclosed trailer is shipping multiple vehicles to one set location. This reduces the gas and mileage required and is often calculated based on the vehicles.

Antique Car Shipping Done Right

Exotic Car Transport takes pride in its exceptional shipping record and reputation. Using enclosed transport trailers to ship your antique car safely is a priority for our team. Our experienced drivers are leaders in the industry and understand the value of your restoration.

If you are looking for the best company to ship your antique car where you need it to go, Exotic Car Transport has all of your needs taken care of in one place. You will be a part of the shipping process from the quote until your car is delivered in the same condition it was in when we picked it up. That’s a promise you can rely on.

What is the Cost of Exotic Auto Shipping?

You have finally landed the car of your dreams, but it is thousands of miles away. You don’t have the time available for a trip to the car and then drive it back. If you did that, you would also have to worry about what happens if trouble arises on the trip back home. So what is your best option for getting your new vehicle home?

Shipping an exotic car takes a softer touch than a traditional automotive shipment. Exotic Car Transport offers just the right service at the best costs in the industry.

What is Considered an Exotic Car?

Exotic cars are considered a branch of luxury vehicles. The exact definition of what to consider an exotic car can be up for debate. You can scour the internet looking for the definition of exotic cars, but chances are no one agrees.

The first step to identifying the exotic in exotic cars is to look at the definition of exotic.

  • From another part of the world
  • Intriguing, unusual, or different

Doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination considering a lot of cars are made in other parts of the world.

The second step is defining characteristics that almost all exotic cars have in common.

  • Prices that are unaffordable to the general public
  • Driving performance that matches those prices
  • Unique design characteristics that make them easy to pinpoint on the roadway
  • Only the highest quality of materials are used in their manufacturing
  • They are sized and shaped to put performance first-most of these vehicles are two-seaters or a coup
  • Most of these exotic cars are available in limited quantities
  • Supercharged-these are fast vehicles, and they can reach speeds over 140 mph
  • Generally found in black, silver, red, yellow, or white

Finally, let us look at some examples of exotic cars.

  • Lamborghini
  • Lotus
  • Bugatti
  • Aston Martin
  • And many others

What is Involved in Exotic Car Shipping?

For most vehicles, open transport options are the cheapest transport option available. When considering an exotic car, open transport is not recommended. We offer closed transport containers to keep your vehicle safe at all times while getting it to your desired destination point.

Closed Transport Option

Closed transport options are also referred to as “enclosed” transport. This option is ideal for vehicles that are more expensive, like exotic cars, or ones that need to be protected from potential weather elements during transport.

Exotic Car Transport uses tie-down systems that allow the natural suspension of your vehicle to move with the transport truck. By using the exotic car’s natural suspension, it creates less strain on the vehicle during the transport process.

Preparing Exotic Cars for Transport

There are certain protocols that you are going to want to follow when transporting your vehicle with a carrier like Exotic Car Transport. These not only help with the transport of the vehicle, but can serve as a personal record for yourself as well.

  1. Make sure you wash the vehicle. If you are taking your exotic car over national borders, they may want it to be free of foreign soil contaminants. Completion of this step before transport will alleviate a situation with Customs later on.
  2. Visually inspect your exotic car and take photographs. Although we guarantee that your vehicle will reach the final destination in the same condition, it was in when you shipped it, and some people like to take pictures of their exotic cars to verify this.
  3. Carry out maintenance before shipping your vehicle. It could be a safety hazard if you used closed transport services and your vehicle leaks. Make sure that the vehicle is in top condition before shipping. Your gas tank level should only be around a quarter of a tank during transport. DO NOT FILL UP BEFORE SHIPPING.
  4. Take unnecessary personal items out of your exotic car. Your empty drive-thru food bags and beverage cups should not remain in your car during transport. Just remember that anything that is not secured down could shift or move during transport. You will need to leave information about the vehicle inside and the license plate attached.
  5. Make notes of any special driving or mechanical issues with the vehicle. Your car will be driven minimally during the transport process, but if the driver does not know you have to jiggle the key a certain way or quirks with the clutch, they may have problems.

Pricing for Closed Transport of Exotic Cars

You know the value of your exotic car, and so do we. That is why using closed transport is a little more expensive than other means of transport. Exotic Car Transport specializes in the transport services for exotic cars. We understand the value and appreciate the integrity of your vehicle.

Since exotic cars require a more exquisite touch when transporting, we use only the best, and you should not expect any less than that. All prices below are approximate and reflect an overall assumption about the vehicle transported. For a more personal quote, please call our offices.

For an across country trip, Los Angeles to New York, for example, you could be looking at a total of $2200 from start to finish. This includes the closed transport and all the details of transport.

From Houston to Miami, shipping an exotic car could run close to $1000. From Miami to New York could run $1140. The critical thing to remember is the mileage is essential in calculating the price. Other factors can fluctuate your cost, like the time it will take to ship the car and gas prices.

Receiving a Quote

Exotic Car Transport has been the first choice in exotic transport since 1986. We provide safe and timely transport for your exotic car while using professionalism and care for your prized possessions.

We offer you uniquely crafted quotes based on your vehicle and destination. At Exotic Car Transport, you are getting the most competitive prices in the industry for door-to-door transport. So why put it off any longer? If you need your exotic car shipped, call Exotic Car Transport today for your no-obligation quote.