Private Enclosed Car Transport

If you need to transport your car, you may feel daunted by the numerous factors you have to consider before scheduling your shipment. Do you want door-to-door delivery or do you prefer dropping off and picking up your car at certain locations? When do you want to transport your car? And, what type of carrier do you choose?

If most options have to do with your own schedule and preferences, the type of carrier you choose can actually make a great difference in how protected your car is going to be during transit.

So, here’s what you need to know about private enclosed car transport and why you may want to choose this option.

What Is Enclosed Car Transport

As the name suggests, enclosed transport means that your car is shipped in a fully closed trailer. At Exotic Car Transport, for example, we’ve designed our trailers to offer enhanced protection and provide the safest, most reliable ride possible. Our fleet has both 2-cars enclosed trailers and 6-cars enclosed trailers, and you can choose between them based on your needs and budget. Regardless, all our trailers are equipped with the latest technology and allow for GPS monitoring.

Private Enclosed Exotic Car Transport

How Much Will Private Enclosed Car Transport Cost Me?

You can expect to pay up to 40% more for an enclosed trailer, but the price is well justified. First of all, open trailers can carry tens of cars at once as opposed to enclosed trailers that can carry a maximum of six or seven vehicles. That alone will influence the price significantly as the company has to ship more cars to get the same return.

Costs aside, with a private enclosed carrier you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe from the elements and the road grime and debris.

Is a Private Enclosed Trailer for Me?

You may think that a private enclosed trailer comes with a high price tag and you will be better with an open carrier. That may be true. But, before you decide, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to transport a luxury or classic vehicle? If that’s the case, then a private enclosed trailer is the right option as it can ensure your car’s safety during transit and give you the peace of mind that your priced vehicle will reach its destination intact.
  • Are you concerned about the weather? If you don’t have that much flexibility with your schedule and need to transport your car during wintertime or a storm, then an enclosed trailer will protect your vehicle from the elements.
  • Do you want protection against theft? Although drivers are usually careful, they cannot keep an eye on the carrier 24/7. With an enclosed trailer, you can get an extra layer of protection and ensure your car is safe against theft.

Private Enclosed Car Transport with Exotic Car Transport

If you want to make sure that your car will be in the right hands, then you should get in touch with Exotic Car Transport. We have decades of experience in transporting luxury, classic, and vintage cars and can help you too!

High-End Vehicle Transport – The Right Way

If you need to transport your high-end vehicle, then probably the first thing that comes to mind is how to do it safely. After all, you’ve invested a significant amount of money in your luxury car and you want to ensure that your investment will be protected and in good hands.

So, here’s how to do it the right way.

Find the Right High-End Car Shipping Company

To make sure that your luxury vehicle will reach its destination safely, you need to work with a company that has experience in shipping classic, vintage, exotic, or luxury cars. That means that the company needs to be licensed, bonded, insured, and has the right fleet and equipment to safely load and transport your cars.

If you are not sure which company to choose, you can read some online reviews to see what other customers say about their experience.

Find the Right High-End Car Shipping Company

An Enclosed Carrier Is the Safest Way to Transport Luxury Vehicles

Most shipping companies offer various ways of transporting a vehicle, but one of the most common ones is the open carrier. Although your car will be securely attached to a trailer, it will still be exposed to the elements, road debris, and so on.

The right way to ship a high-end vehicle is in an enclosed trailer. This way, you can ensure your car will be protected from extreme weather conditions as well as the road grime.

A Team Who Knows How to Handle High-End Vehicles

The drivers are a major component of the car delivery process and can make the difference between a smooth shipment and one that doesn’t go as planned. The drivers need to have extensive experience in handling high-end vehicles, and be familiar with the equipment, loading and unloading procedures, and the latest regulations. They also need to know how to communicate with the customers and ease their minds.

Prepare Your High-end Vehicle Before Pick Up

Thoroughly examine your car before pick-up and remove any valuable objects. Car shipping companies will not take any responsibility for any object that’s been left in the car and has been lost or damaged.

In addition to removing any valuable objects from inside the car you should also:

  • Make sure there is sufficient gas in the tank for the drivers to load and unload the car.
  • Take pictures and videos of your car to have proof in case something goes wrong. Don’t forget to take photos of the underside and the exhaust pipe too.
  • Take pictures of the mileage too. That way, you can ensure that your car won’t be delivered with a few hundred miles extra.
  • Ask for details of the person in charge of delivering your high-end vehicle.
  • Ask for a way to monitor your vehicle during transit, such as GPS monitoring.
Transport Your High-End Vehicle with Exotic Car Transport

Transport Your High-End Vehicle with Exotic Car Transport

With over three decades in the high-end vehicle transportation industry, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us now to request a quote.


You’ve finally bought your dream exotic car. Unfortunately, it’s out of your area of residence and you now need to transport it to your address. But there’s no time to do it yourself and the idea of letting other people drive your vehicle is out of the question. Fortunately, you won’t have to since you can hire an auto relocation specialist.

In this article, we’ll tell you why you should book a vehicle relocation service when shipping your luxury ride.

What Makes an Exotic Car Relocation Service so Beneficial?

When shipping a brand-new vehicle, most people schedule a relocation. Cars are no small investment, especially exotic models. You only want qualified personnel handling the transport, such as renowned vehicle relocation companies.Here’s how you can benefit from their services:

Hassle and Plan-Free Process

DIY relocations of luxury vehicles are ill-advised. You need to prepare the car – and yourself – for a long-distance haul, and you also need to organize a few stops. For instance, you need to rest, refuel, stay at a hotel, eat, and tackle other road hassles.

Planning for contingencies is another factor you need to consider. You may face potential breakdowns, lengthy road constructions, and many other unforeseen predicaments. It gets even worse if you’ve outsourced the task to a different driver. Besides organizing the trip, you also need to worry about whether or not they’ll return your exotic car in one piece.

So, why dwell on these matters when you can work with an auto relocation specialist? With professional planning for the pick-up and delivery, you can focus on more urgent jobs. The transportation team makes all the arrangements to ship the vehicle to its destination, eliminating the stress associated with a DIY organization.

Saves You Time

The biggest reason people have their exotic cars shipped by an auto relocation expert is to save time. If your schedule is hectic, transporting your ride with the help of a professional relocation company is your best option. It’s much better than driving the vehicle yourself, which may require you to take some time off and spend 6-7 hours behind your wheel every day.

By contrast, scheduling car shipment services lets you select a timeframe for the pick-up and delivery. This way, you don’t have to harmonize the plans with work, family, and other obligations. The carrier will ensure your vehicle arrives at the destination at a time that works for you.

Unmatched Vehicle Protection

Driving your vehicle for thousands of miles can lead to engine problems and premature failure. This lowers the value of your high-end vehicle and requires costly repairs to return the car to its former condition.

You can easily prevent this by contacting vehicle relocation specialists. There will be no additional mileage on the odometer. Your tires will remain intact, and you won’t have to make an urgent trip to the mechanic that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Carriers are also perfect for protecting your car because they can shield your prized possession from debris. One of the most important vehicle relocation jobs is preventing damage to your ride from pebbles, sticks, twigs, rocks, and other threats. For example, enclosed trailers offer the ultimate peace of mind since your ride is protected by thick walls and a ceiling. This keeps bad weather and UV rays from blemishing your investment.

That’s not to say that open trailers are inadequate. They’re not as secure as enclosed units, but they still work much better than driving or towing your luxury car. The platforms are high off the road, keeping debris from scratching or denting the body.

Furthermore, hiring a relocation professional reduces the risk of theft or vandalization. They secure your ride with specialized locks and chains to prevent burglars from hijacking your vehicle.


No Safety Hazards

Long-distance journeys can be dangerous, even if you’re an experienced driver. As previously mentioned, you may need to drive your car six to seven hours a day. Remaining focused behind the wheel for so long is incredibly challenging. Fatigue can kick in, and you can also experience intense back pain or soreness. All of which increase the risk of accidents.

The same goes for driving in bad weather. If you’re not used to operating your car in the rain, you’re not prepared for the journey.

The best way to avoid these hazards is to book a vehicle relocation service. A qualified professional will safely relocate your car while you safely wait in the comfort of your home.

Cost-Effective Option

You might think auto relocation is much more expensive than DIY transportation, but the reality is different. Once you factor in all the costs associated with long-distance driving (hotel stays and gas), you may end up paying similar amounts.

In fact, car shipping providers let you save a lot of money since there are no significant travel expenses. Plus, you avoid paying for repairs or maintenance necessary before and after long road trips. These costs can be extortionate, especially for high-end vehicles like Ferraris, Bentleys, and Aston Martins.

On top of that, you won’t miss any days at work, which can’t be said when driving your exotic car on your own. You won’t take precious vacation days or risk losing wages. Entrust the relocation of your luxury ride to an expert, and your routine won’t be disrupted.

Low Insurance Fees

Insurers generally determine your rate according to the distance-driven. Therefore, long trips can dramatically increase your premium. The cost mounts if you suffer an accident on the road. If you want to preserve your insurance rate, have your ride shipped by a licensed specialist.

Auto transport providers offer coverage for your vehicle. The driver inspects your car after the transport to ensure it’s been relocated without any damage. But even if there’s a scratch or dent, you won’t be the one paying for the repairs. Instead, the liability shifts to the carrier.

Ability to Relocate Multiple Vehicles

Sometimes, you may purchase a few exotic vehicles at once at an auction or online dealership. You might also have three to four vehicles, and you need to move a couple of them to a certain location. Organizing the trip is practically impossible, which is why you should turn to a car relocation service.

One of the most significant advantages of auto carriers is the ability to relocate multiple vehicles. Some companies move cars on high-capacity trailers that can store more than 10 autos. Best of all, they don’t sacrifice safety to accommodate the cargo. Each vehicle is secured appropriately, giving you peace of mind.

Consult a representative on how many cars their trailer can haul. Additionally, inquire about any discounts for moving multiple vehicles. You might be able to save a few hundred dollars.

Door-to-Door Transportation

If you’re looking for convenience, you can’t go wrong with door-to-door carriers. These pick-up and drop-off services are a huge boon if you don’t want to transport your exotic vehicle to a terminal. The truck driver collects your car near your house, loads it safely, and drops it off at the desired destination. It’s a hassle-free process that makes your auto relocation a breeze.

Unmatched Professionalism and Reliability

The key to ensuring safe transport of your luxury car is to work with a trustworthy company. Luckily, many companies offer reliable services. Their truck drivers have decades of experience relocating vehicles and must pass stringent background checks. You can rest assured, knowing your investment will be moved securely and safely using advanced equipment. Moreover, you’ll receive terrific customer service, ensuring all your needs are fulfilled.

Hefty Discounts and Attractive Rates

Going with an exotic car relocation service is superior to hauling a vehicle on your own from a financial standpoint. Most carriers offer competitive rates to attract as many clients as possible, especially in the fall and winter. In addition, you might be eligible for hefty discounts if you’re a student, senior citizen, military member, or first-time customer.

Roomy Storage for Your Exotic Ride

Coordination is a colossal challenge when transporting your vehicle for a relocation. You and your vehicle must arrive at the destination at the same time. But what if your ride makes it there before you? You’re not ready for the delivery, so you’ll need to make sure your investment is secure. You also need to preserve the mint condition of your car, and that’s where storage comes into play.

Some companies have large indoor facilities to store your exotic vehicles until you’re ready to pick them up. These buildings are constructed from premium materials and have advanced features. For instance, many providers install video and audio surveillance, alarms, and restricted access. Only select people can access the storage area to minimize the risk of theft. You can also find places with hurricane-proof walls and large platforms that prevent vehicles from rubbing against each other.

Thus, if you can’t arrange simultaneous arrival of you and your ride, hiring a carrier with storage is your best solution. Your luxury vehicle will be 100% secure and well-protected from the elements.

Efficient Transport and Regular Checks

The exotic car transportation industry is booming, so it shouldn’t take you too long to find a dependable provider. The search is even faster if you prefer open trailers. They make up most of the market, so naturally, they’re easier to find. Moreover, the prices are competitive, enabling you to hire a high-quality company without overpaying.

This is why open transport is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an efficient relocation. While they offer lower protection than enclosed units, you still enjoy high-quality services. The drivers regularly check on the condition of your vehicle whenever they make a stop. They can also examine your car for damages after driving through a rough section of the road or if they hit a patch of bad weather to ensure it’s in great shape. Therefore, early detection of damage or leaks is virtually guaranteed.

exotic car transportation industry

Specialized Services

Apart from standard transport, you can pay for a wide variety of specialized services:

  • Drip pans – Some enclosed trucks have drip pans between lower and upper-level vehicles to collect transmission fluids.
  • White-glove services – This arrangement involves treating your car with special care and offering real-time updates throughout the delivery. It keeps you up-to-date with the condition of your vehicle and the driver’s progress.
  • Extra protection – High-end providers offer additional ties and clamps to keep your exotic ride from shifting during transport. The carrier mounts these components carefully to avoid damaging your ride.
  • Accommodation cars of various sizes – If your luxury car isn’t a standard size or shape, specialized providers can still haul it. Just make sure to mention this when contacting customer service.
  • Higher convenience – You can hire specialized carriers to transport your ride from practically any location while sticking to your schedule. This includes industrial areas, where your vehicle can easily get damaged if left unprotected.

Transporting Race Cars and Low-Clearance Vehicles

If you’ve purchased an exotic race car, you shouldn’t drive it if it needs to be relocated. Hire a vehicle relocation service to transport it safely wherever necessary.

Exotic carriers are perfect for low-clearance models too. Some trailers feature lift ramps and gates that can lower your ride safely to the ground. They also load your vehicle horizontally rather than drive it onto the platform to prevent damage.

Padded Trailers for Maximum Safety

Many carriers transport exotic vehicles in padded trailers. This offers tremendous benefits:

  • Reduced impact and vibration – Padded trailers are more versatile than standard units because they can easily cross rough terrain.
  • Shock resistance – The padding protects your high-end vehicle from breakage and other forms of damage through incredible shock absorption.
  • Improved tire quality – Padded trailers often have advanced suspension that reduces jerks, vibration, and movement. The technology extends the tires’ lifespan, ensuring better transport conditions for your exotic car.
  • Less load shifting – Due to the extra cushioning of padded systems, your luxury car moves less. This makes the relocation safer, especially during long trips.
Exotic Car Relocation Services Advantages

Don’t Take a Gamble – Book a Car Relocation Service for Your Exotic Ride

You’ve probably paid top dollar for your luxury vehicle. The last thing you want is to damage it during the transport. Auto relocation services are all you need to ensure safe shipping.

If you want to get a quote from a highly reputable luxury vehicle transport specialist, contact Exotic Car Transport today. Call (888) 230-9877 or receive an offer on our website to get started.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car – How to Find the Option That Works for You

Cheapest Way to Ship a Car – How to Find the Option That Works for You

Shipping your vehicle is a major endeavor. A lot can go wrong if you don’t work with a dependable company which can skyrocket the costs. You want to avoid this, so you might start wondering: “What is the cheapest way to ship a car?”

Cheap vehicle transport is ideal, but how cheap is “too cheap?” We’ll discuss the price of this service and recommend the best way to ship a car if you’re on a budget.

What Is the Cost of Shipping a Car?

When looking for the cheapest car shipping provider, you first need to know the average price of their services. The costs vary but expect to pay between $600 and $1,000 for relocating a four-door sedan. On the other hand, moving a truck, SUV, or small van costs between $800-$1,200.

These are just estimates, of course, and not precise figures. While you can roughly calculate the price of transporting your vehicle, the only way to get an exact number is to consider various factors. Here’s what the cost of relocating your car depends on:

Type, Size, and Weight of Vehicle

The make and model of your car can influence the price of your relocation. For example, moving an exotic car doesn’t cost the same as shipping a regular vehicle. Luxury models require special services and better protection, meaning you’ll need to pay more for transportation.

Additionally, vehicle shipping providers can only transport so many cars at a time. The larger your ride is, the more you’ll need to pay to get it hauled to its destination. That’s why relocating a sedan is more affordable than transporting an SUV or van.

Time of the Year

Moving and auto transport companies have a few things in common. One of them is that they charge more for their service when demand is the highest. The busiest times are normally summer and spring. Consequently, relocating your vehicle is more expensive during this period.

Transport Method

Your preferred type of transport is also essential. Since moving your vehicle by truck is the most basic method, you’ll need to choose between open and enclosed carriers. Enclosed providers are generally more expensive than open trailers.

Distance Traveled

This is a no-brainer. The greater the distance your provider needs to cover, the costlier is their shipping service. The reason is simple – fuel charges, labor expenses, and tools add up quickly when a carrier travels hundreds or thousands of miles. If the pick-up and delivery locations are relatively close, you shouldn’t have to pay the top price.

Insurance and Type of Service

Most carriers offer insurance for their service that covers any damage during the loading, relocation, and unloading. That said, you may want to buy an additional policy. Just make sure it offers more extensive coverage. Otherwise, you’ll waste your money.

The final factor that affects the shipping cost is the service you need. Since you’re looking for the cheapest auto shipping, you should avoid door-to-door providers. Having your vehicle delivered to your address is costlier than working with terminal-based companies. Also, you may need to pay more if the carrier has padded trailers or additional forms of protection.


How to Find the Cheapest Way to Ship Car to Another State or Country

The key to saving money when hauling your vehicle is to do proper research. You need to dig deep into many companies and inquire about their services. Hiring the first team you come across is ill-advised, as you haven’t compared it to any other offer.

The following tips will help you find the cheapest transport:

Obtain Multiple Quotes

You shop around whenever you want to buy an expensive product or service. You should do the same when recruiting the cheapest car shipping company. Whether you contact a transport broker or carriers directly, you should obtain at least 3-4 quotes. This tells you how much you can expect to pay for your relocation, which is essential when shipping on a budget.

Arrange Flexible Locations and Times

If your pick-up or delivery location is far away from interstates or major cities, the shipment will cost more. Besides contacting the cheapest car haulers, you can also lower the price by being flexible. In other words, consider driving your vehicle to a convenient location, where the carrier will pick it up. You can save a lot of money by driving your car to the meeting point.

You should also be flexible in terms of dates. If you request a pick-up or delivery on a specific date, you may need to pay extra. Giving the company more leeway lets you save more money because there’s no pressure to meet a strict deadline. To that end, tell your provider they can relocate your favorite toy whenever it works best while following general timelines.

Choose Open Transport Carriers to Ship Car for Cheap

Most auto shipping companies transport vehicles on open trailers. They’re more available than enclosed units, making them less expensive. In some cases, the price of hauling your ride on open trailers is 50% lower than enclosed transportation. The latter is a better option if you want to maximize protection for your car, but open carriers are better if your finances are limited.

Schedule Your Service in the Offseason

June and August are the two busiest months in the vehicle shipping industry. Conversely, the fewest customers schedule their relocation between December and February. If you need the cheapest way to transport a car, you should do it in the slower months. You’ll enjoy lower rates, and your ride may reach its destination sooner due to fewer stops.

Hire a Terminal-to-Terminal Carrier

Some providers have terminals throughout the USA, where cars are shipped to and from. These companies are known as terminal-to-terminal carriers. The locations are generally near large cities and main interstates. The rates are typically lower than door-to-door services because they don’t transport the vehicle directly to you. Instead, they relocate the ride to a terminal, allowing you to pick it up at your convenience.

The downside is that you may have a hard time finding a terminal-to-terminal carrier since there are few. Furthermore, the terminals might be too far away, so you might need to cover a vast distance to reach your pick-up or drop-off location. There might also be storage fees charged for leaving your vehicle in the company’s terminal for an extended period. Consider all these factors when looking for the cheapest auto transport.

Contact a Car Transport Broker

Vehicle transport brokers are the middle man between you and your carrier. They work with thousands of providers, so their network is much larger than yours. This can help them negotiate a better price.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to be extra careful when working with brokers. The quotes are sometimes too good to be true, so never take their word for it. Upon receiving an offer from your broker, verify that the quote is real by contacting the carrier.

You should also be wary of bargain deals. You’re transporting on a budget, but you shouldn’t always accept the cheapest offers. This is because the most affordable providers are sometimes less reputable than standard carriers.

Reach Out to Tow Truck Companies

If you can’t find the cheapest car shipping company, you might want to look for an alternative. Tow truck providers can be a great option, but only if you want to move your vehicle 200-300 miles from your location. Most companies don’t go farther than that.

This method is relatively affordable, but it costs more than standard services. Towing providers rarely cover more than 100 miles in one go because fuel consumption and other expenses are much higher in this case.

What About Towing the Vehicle Yourself?

Towing your car yourself is a cheap option, but it’s not as affordable as you might think. In fact, you may not save any money in some situations.

Suppose you bought a car in a different state. If so, you’d need to make the trip before you can take the vehicle home. This requires you to drive to another state or schedule an airfare service. Other costs include car maintenance, lodging, and food. On top of that, shipping a car on your own is time-consuming. You can avoid some of the stress of driving by traveling with another person who can share the driving, but the gas expenses might still be exorbitant.

Organizing such a move can also be a challenge with this method. If you’re driving to pick up your vehicle, you’ll need to rent a trailer or dolly to bring your car home. Finding a provider who will let you operate the unit on your own can take a lot of time and involve being properly insured. Moreover, not all rides can be towed with a dolly, such as large SUVs. Transporting them requires flatbed trailers or other high-capacity platforms.

Depending on the strategy, the cost of towing your car yourself varies. It can generally set you back more than $1,500 if the vehicle is over 1,000 miles away. Time loss is also significant.

Book Your Service Early

Working on a tight schedule doesn’t help you find cheap vehicle transport. Companies have less time for bidding, so you’re more likely to accept a high offer.

By contrast, starting your search early increases the odds of getting a low offer. For instance, one carrier may submit a $1,200 bid one day, whereas another one bids $1,000 the next day. The longer they compete against each other, the less likely you are to overpay your transport.

The advantages of scheduling early may only apply up to two weeks before your relocation. So, plan ahead, but there’s no rush to do so six months ahead of the move.

Transport Cars Cheap by Asking About Any Discounts

Most vehicle transportation companies provide a wide range of discounts. If you’re lucky, you can get 20% or 30% off your price to make the move more manageable. Check with several providers beforehand to determine if you’re eligible for these savings:

  • Car fleets – Taxi companies and similar businesses have a fleet of cars. If you’re one of them, you might qualify for a discount for hauling your vehicles in bulk. However, the offer may not be advertised in brochures or online, so ask a representative about it.
  • Student discounts – Some carriers offer lower prices during the fall and summer for students moving to and from their colleges.
  • Military discounts – Military personnel frequently move and live in numerous locations worldwide. Many companies show their appreciation for their service with hefty discounts.
  • Senior discounts – Senior citizens are eligible for numerous discounts since they live on tight budgets. Auto shipping companies allow them to transport their vehicles more easily with discounts.
  • First-time customers and responders – A company might be willing to knock a few hundred dollars off your price if you’re working with them for the first time. They may do the same if you’re the first responder to their offer.
  • Return clients – Most carriers appreciate customer loyalty. As a result, you may qualify for a discount if you ship your vehicle with them multiple times.
  • Early bird discounts – Whenever you ask a company for a quote, don’t wait too long if it’s reasonable. Accepting it within 24/48 hours may give you a considerable discount.
  • Multi-car shipments – As with car fleets, you can get a lower price if you’re transporting several vehicles in one go.

Contact a Professional for the Cheapest Way to Ship Car to Another State

Having your car transported by a licensed shipping company is the best way to ship your car for cheap. Driving the vehicle wastes gas, and there’s no telling how much damage you and your car can suffer if you get tired behind the steering wheel. Therefore, work with a dependable company, and your budget won’t be dented.

If you need a specific kind of vehicle relocation, such as luxury car shipping, get in touch with Exotic Car Transport today. We can move your prized possession safely while following the requested deadline. Get a quote on our website or give us a call at (888) 230-9877. We offer top-quality services for a reasonable price.

Coast-to-Coast Transport of Your Exotic Car – All Your Questions Answered

Moving your exotic car coast to coast can be challenging. Driving it yourself is risky because you need to cover a long distance, which can make you too tired to focus on the road. The best way to avoid collisions and ensure your ride remains intact is to hire a coast-to-coast shipping company.

There are many gray areas surrounding coast-to-coast luxury car shipping, but this article will clear up the confusion. We’ll answer the most common questions about the service to help you prepare for your relocation.

All About Long-Distance Car Shipping: Coast-to-Coast Transportation Explained

If you’re planning your first shipping coast to coast, you’re probably looking for answers to these questions:

What Is Coast-to-Coast Exotic Auto Transport?

Coast-to-coast exotic car transportation isn’t the same as relocating a regular vehicle. Luxury rides are constructed from the finest technologies and feature the most advanced features available. Here are some of the most valuable brands:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Tesla
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Land Rover
  • Bentley
  • Aston Martin
  • Ferrari
  • Rolls Royce

Since these models are worth much more than standard cars, shipping them coast to coast requires more protection. That’s why relocation companies take extra measures to shield your investment from scratches, dings, and other forms of damage. Furthermore, the relocation providers also extend better customer service, reassuring you that your vehicle will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

Coast-to-Coast Transport of Your Exotic Car

What Are the Various Options When I Decide to Ship Car Coast to Coast?

All coast-to-coast car transport services have some things in common. However, this doesn’t mean every relocation process is the same. Most companies offer four shipping methods:

Road Shipping

This is the most popular solution for coast-to-coast luxury car transportation. Your vehicle is transported in a truck or semi-truck that takes the car to its destination on interstate roads.

The most significant benefit of this type of transport is that it’s affordable. Numerous types of vehicles can transport your car, which lowers the price of the service.

Second, road coast-to-coast auto shipping is direct. Interstate roads can take your vehicle practically anywhere. As a result, you don’t have to schedule multiple shipping methods.

Finally, this method is flexible because it comes in two forms:

Open Trailers

As the name suggests, open trailers feature an open top and sides. Some models also come with two decks that can hold up to 10 vehicles. As these units can store a large number of luxury cars, they’re highly affordable. The downside is limited protection, exposing your ride to road debris and bad weather.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed coast-to-coast car shipping is the alternative to open transportation. These trailers are closed to better protect your investment from the elements. Hence, there’s no risk of scratches, discoloration, and other damage associated with open units. Moreover, this relocation is more secure because the trailers have locks to safeguard against theft.

However, the greater protection comes at a higher price. Another factor that increases the cost is the limited capacity of enclosed trailers. They can only accommodate about five or six vehicles at a time.

Ocean Shipping

The second popular option for shipping your luxury car coast to coast is ocean relocation. This is perfect for long-distance arrangements, such as East Coast to West Coast auto transport. In fact, Chinese and Japanese vehicle manufacturers use this method to move their products to the USA and other countries.

You can choose from several options when transporting your high-end vehicle by boat. Most people opt for a roll-on/roll-off relocation. It involves driving your car onto a ship, where it’s secured and taken to a port.

Alternatively, you can have your vehicle transported in a container. This provides greater security and protection, but it’s usually more expensive.

Train Shipping

You should also consider coast-to-coast vehicle shipping when moving your luxury car. The most significant advantage of this type of transport is its relatively high speed. The relocation generally takes less time than truck relocations.

That said, you should be aware of several drawbacks. Namely, most providers ship cars on open platforms. This puts your exotic vehicle at a higher risk of damage.

On top of that, rail shipping is limited in the U.S. Just one company offers this service in two East Coast locations. Hence, scheduling the transport may take quite a while.

Air Shipping

The last method you should take into account is transporting your high-end car on a plane. This is the quickest method to relocate a vehicle, as airplanes can deliver your luxury car in less than a day. Security is high, too, but this service can burn a hole in your pocket due to limited space.

Cost of Coast-to-Coast Exotic Car Shipping

What Is the Cost of Coast-to-Coast Exotic Car Shipping?

Determining the price of luxury car shipping is tricky because there are numerous factors that affect the cost. Primarily, you need to consider the type of your transport.

If you go for open road relocations, the average price is about $1,000. Companies with enclosed trailers charge approximately $1,500 per transport.

Sea transport is usually more expensive due to longer distances. Expect to pay at least $1,000 for this service and upwards of $5,000 for relocating your vehicle overseas.

Air car shipping is the most expensive method. The average cost is a whopping $5,000 and can easily exceed $7-$8K if the provider uses high-end planes.

Lastly, air shipping is the most affordable method. The service typically costs just $200-$300, whereas the passenger ticket ranges from $100 to $200 for East Coast to West Coast auto transport.

How Do I Prepare My Exotic Car for Coast-to-Coast Transport?

The transportation of your exotic car is a seamless process when working with the right coast-to-coast shipping company. Nevertheless, you can make the procedure even smoother by preparing for your relocation. Here’s what you should do if you’ve scheduled a road service:

Clean Your Luxury Car

Before the provider loads your car onto the shipping trailer, you want to clean it thoroughly and take pictures that clearly show the condition of your vehicle prior to the transport. With a pristine ride and photos to prove it, you’ll have no doubt whether a smudge or ding on your car is old or new.

Remove Personal Belongings

Cleaning your exotic car is also a great time to get rid of any personal item inside it before it’s loaded onto the shipping trailer. Make sure to take out everything, including your coffee cups, air fresheners, and phone charges. The same goes for exterior accessories like spoilers, bumper protectors, and bike racks. Once the items are out of the way, there will be no risk of losing them during the transport.

Take Photos

As we mentioned, photos are great for documenting your vehicle’s condition before you hand it over for shipping. This step involves inspecting your vehicle. Check the state of the car and record any dents, scratches, and smudges. Document the findings with videos and photos. This allows you to compare the ride’s condition before and after the relocation and make a potential insurance claim.

Maintenance Check

You should be able to examine most of your car without a mechanic. The most important thing you should check is the tires. Make sure they have no leaks and are filled correctly. Otherwise, flat tires can cause serious issues during the relocation.

Checking the oil, gas, and other liquids is also paramount. There should be enough oil to help keep your engine and brake systems running when the exotic car reaches its destination. As for your gas tank, it should only be about a quarter full. This reduces the vehicle’s weight and saves you money.

Contact a Representative for Detailed Instructions

The previous steps are basic instructions for getting ready to ship coast to coast. You need specific information, and you can obtain it from a company representative. Voice your concerns about your relocation and ask for advice on getting ready for the shipping. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the line.

How Long Does Coast-to-Coast Shipping Take?

As previously discussed, some exotic car transportation methods are faster than others. For example, road providers cover approximately 400-500 miles every day. This means a 2,500-mile journey should take between five and eight days. The trip takes longer if the driver has to make additional pickups.

The pickup times also vary by company. But in general, you can expect your auto transport provider to arrive to collect your exotic car two to seven days after you place your order. Some businesses offer express services, picking up your ride within a day or two after the order.

How Do I Find the Right Coast-to-Coast Exotic Auto Transport Company?

The key to successful coast-to-coast transport of high-end cars is finding a trustworthy shipping provider. Some companies offer subpar services, so here’s how to separate the wheat from the chaff:

Check Out Recommendations

Having your luxury car shipped by an unknown company can be a disaster waiting to happen. They may attract you with a low price, but there’s often an unpleasant surprise. It could be a scam, or your car might arrive at its destination with irreparable damage.

The easiest way to prevent this is to hire a business your friends, family, or colleagues have worked with previously. If they’ve already shipped their vehicle with a certain provider, ask them about their experience. If everything went smoothly, consider giving the company a shot.

Expand Your Search by Going Online

If you can’t obtain any recommendations from friends or family, you can always turn to the internet. Look up nearby companies that offer coast-to-coast luxury car shipping and check the reviews. Shortlist a few prospects that have consistently provided excellent services.

Dig Deep Into Your Prospects

After narrowing down your search, it’s time to vet your candidates through in-depth research. First, be sure they have vast experience in the vehicle relocation industry. And don’t just look for those that ship a lot of standard cars – consider their track record of hauling luxury rides specifically. Otherwise, they may not protect your investment properly.

Another thing to look for is their license. The company must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This helps ensure you don’t get scammed.

You’ve already gone through online reviews at this point, but you should always look for more references. Reach out to customer service and ask them for any references they can provide. These sources are usually more accurate and reliable than internet posts.

Look for Insured Companies

Car shipping insurance is also a crucial factor. Just because you’re not driving your car, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t insure it for your coast-to-coast transport. Therefore, you should only hire businesses that offer transparent policies.

The greatest advantage of insuring your ride is peace of mind. If anything happens to your vehicle en route, the company will cover the damage. The list includes dings, dents, scratches, breakage, and any other harm during the loading, transport, and unloading.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to prove you didn’t cause the damage. That’s where photos come into play. Your claim is more likely to succeed if there’s evidence of your car’s mint condition before the shipping company took it over.

Coast-to-Coast Exotic Transport

Get Quotes

Depending on the details collected during your research, you can further narrow down the list of companies. The next step is to contact the coast-to-coast shipping teams for quotes. Here’s some of the information you’ll need to provide:

  • Car’s make and model
  • Shipping timeline
  • Destination
  • Shipping Origin

The company should also ask you about your preferences. For instance, you might be able to schedule door-to-door services. In this case, the provider picks up your car and drops it off at a specific location.

Another service you might be able to schedule is white-glove transport. It enables you to monitor your vehicle’s location and receive real-time updates.

Making these arrangements on time makes your quote more accurate.

Let Seasoned Specialists Take Care of Your Exotic Car

Many people hire a coast-to-coast vehicle shipping company when transporting their luxury car. It’s much easier than handling the relocation on your own.

Still, you shouldn’t hire just any provider. You need a trustworthy team, and Exotic Car Transport is your best option. We have years of experience transporting high-end vehicles quickly and efficiently. Our professionals are licensed and insured, so have no doubt you’ll be in great hands.

For more information about our services, get a quote here or give us a call at (888) 230-9877.