How to Prepare for Cross-Country Relocation

As exciting as a big move can be, cross-country relocation is no easy task. There are many factors to consider and essential to-dos involved in the planning of any long-distance move. Preparation includes everything from packing up your entire home, scheduling necessary travel arrangements, coordinating move-in and move-out days and even transporting your personal vehicles. […]

How much does it Cost to Ship a Car across the Country?

If you’re planning on moving across the country, you may be on a tight schedule for arriving at your new location.  This could mean that driving your vehicle may not be possible if you want to get there on time.  In this scenario, having an auto transport service haul your vehicle to your new location […]

Shipping an Exotic Vehicle Long Distance

Have you been trying to find ways to ship your vehicle across the country? Well, the fact is that shipping your vehicle to a new location is a task that is best left to professionals who have the experience and expertise as well as the proper training to handle this type of responsibility.  This is […]

International Exotic Car Shipping Services

Are you confused about selecting the right international exotic car shipping service? Exotic Car Transport understands that shipping exotic vehicles can be risky, especially if they’re being shipped internationally.  If you’re like most exotic car owners, you probably feel that this is your baby and that it’s irreplaceable.  We are experienced at global shipping of […]

Our Top Tips For Buying A Used Car: Get The Classic Vehicle Of Your Dreams!

If you’re interested in buying a used car – particularly a classic car – navigating the complexities of shopping for your dream vehicle can be quite difficult. How can you know when you’ve found the right car? What should you be looking for when it comes to service history? In this article, we’ll discuss a […]