COVID-19: How the Car Transport Industry Has Changed

While many of us are seeing the reopening of states, the pandemic that has hit our nation and the rest of the globe and has reshaped the way the car transport industry operates. This is your guide to those changes, provided by Exotic Car Transport. Is it safe to transport vehicles right now? We understand […]

Luxury Car Shipping And Auto Transport Services

Exotic Car Transport doesn’t limit our services to just exotic makes and model cars. We handle luxury vehicles with care too. The same options that we offer for exotic car transport is also available for use with your luxury vehicle. Just like shipping an exotic car, you want only the best and most delicate transport […]

Shipping Expensive Cars

Cars come in all sizes, colors, and options. They also come in various prices. Exotic Car Transport understands that. You wouldn’t ship a glass vase without some sort of protection with it. So why would you ship your expensive vehicle with anything other than the best options available? What Counts As An Expensive Car? There […]

Exotic Vehicle Shipping in Arizona (AZ)

Arizona is known as one of the “Four Corner” states and is the sixth largest state by area. A lot of car shipments, especially exotic cars, have an origination or destination in the Arizona area. Arizona also sees a lot of family relocation or travels thanks to the Grand Canyon, and it’s hot weather. What […]

Exotic Car Shipping To & From Canada

When selecting to ship your exotic car to and from Canada, the first thing to look for is a transport service that understands the difference between “exotic” and “luxury” vehicles. A lot of times, people try to interchange these words, but we know that is not the case. Requirements of Shipping Across Borders When you […]