How to prepare your Exotic Car for Shipping

As America’s #1 shipper of high-end vehicles, the specialists at Exotic Car Transport have the experience, resources, and skills to get your vehicle delivered where and when you need it in a safe and timely manner.  Whether you’re purchasing an exotic sports car and need it delivered to your home or you’re moving to a new location, we’ll get it there on-time and in pristine condition.  Although shipping a vehicle from Point A to Point B is not a complicated endeavor, there are certain precautions that must be taken when shipping an exotic or other high-end type of vehicle.

When should you consider shipping an exotic car?

This answer offend depends on the owner’s particular situation.  If you’re moving from one state to another, cross-country, or internationally, we recommend using Exotic Car Transport to ship your vehicle to its new destination.  If you’re fortunate enough to own this type of vehicle, we can understand how you would want to ensure that it receives the utmost care.  But you may have reservations about entrusting it into the hands of complete strangers.

Exotic Car Transport is no stranger to the high-end auto transport community.  We have the experience, expertise, and skills to ensure that your vehicle will be safe and secure while in transit.  With our exotic vehicle shipping methods, we can ensure that your vehicle will arrive in pristine condition, no matter how far it has to travel.  Exotic vehicles require added safety in handling and need to be protected from road hazards and the weather while in transit and that’s exactly what we provide. We have handled and shipped thousands of vehicles over the years and understand your concerns about your luxury vehicles. And that is why our team is always willing to go that extra mile to ensure the vehicle is safe and you are satisfied with our services.

How does shipping an exotic vehicle differ from shipping a standard car?

In many ways, auto shipping is the same throughout the industry.  However, when it comes to exotic vehicles, additional care and precautions are required.  For instance, the use of enclosed carriers is one of the shipping methods offered at Exotic Car Transport.  But, in the case of exotic auto transport, it is commonly recommended as the shipping method to consider.

Enclosed auto carriers provide the ultimate level of protection as well as safety and security for high-end vehicles.  Your vehicle will never be exposed to the hazards of the road or the weather.  Most importantly, the privacy of your exotic vehicle will be secured and maintained throughout its journey to your new location, thereby eliminating the risk of theft or vandalism while in transit.

How do you prepare your exotic car for shipping?

When you hire the services provided by Exotic Car Transport, we remove all the worry and guesswork by taking care of everything in an all-inclusive manner.  But there are certain things that are your responsibility such as preparing it for its journey.  Here are a few tips to consider when shipping your high-end vehicle with us:

Clean the vehicle as thoroughly as possible inside and out – furthermore, have any required maintenance performed if it is due.  It’s always best to have your mechanic give the vehicle a good once-over before shipping it. This ensures that it is ready to be driven when it reaches the destination.

Inspect the vehicle for any existing damage – this means examining the interior as well as the exterior.  Make a note of any dents, imperfections, or scratches no matter how minor they appear.  This will help you and the driver determine if any further damage occurred in transit.

Make sure you’ve removed all personal items from the vehicle – it is possible that your vehicle could move slightly while in transit.  Therefore, remove anything that could damage its interior such as any electronic attachments, GPS devices, etc. This will ensure nothing personal gets lost and your vehicle is secure.

Perform all of the basic maintenance – there are a number of maintenance tasks that don’t require the services of a mechanic such as:

  • check the tire pressure
  • disable the alarm system (if applicable)
  • ensuring that the battery is charged
  • have all fluids filled properly (brake, coolant, oil, steering, transmission, etc.)
  • making sure the gas tank is 1/8 to 1/4 full
  • take photos of the vehicle from different angles as this will help when comparing its condition at pick-up and drop-off locations

These are all important factors to deal with prior to our driver arriving to pick up your vehicle.  To learn more about shipping preparations for your high-end vehicle visit our website or call Exotic Car Transport today at (888) 230-9877.