How much does it Cost to Ship an Exotic Car?

If you’re relocating to another city and want to ship your exotic car to your new location safely and securely, Exotic Car Transport provides specialized auto shipping services that will ensure it arrives undamaged.  The transport of exotic vehicles requires special attention and care as well as extensive experience and expertise.  Our team of auto transport specialists know exactly what needs to be done when handling your prized possession and have built our reputation on providing superior service and exceeding client’s expectations. With years in the industry, we understand your requirements and our team steps in and goes that extra mile to ensure you are happy with our services. That is because our clients’ trust and satisfaction with our service, is our first priority.

What exactly is exotic car transport?

When you have an exotic vehicle, you want it to reach its destination safe and sound.   That is exactly what Exotic Car Transport does.  Our transport services were developed with the exotic car owner in mind and provide complete protection from road conditions and the weather when moving it from Point A to Point B.  Furthermore, you are hiring the most trustworthy company in the auto transport industry when you hire our services.  With our specialized equipment and skills, your vehicle will be loaded and unloaded from the carrier with a minimum risk of any damage occurring. We take care so you can sure that your car or vehicle is safe.

How do we protect your exotic vehicle while in transit?

As a highly experienced auto shipping company, Exotic Car Transport we provide specialized protective services to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.  We implement the 5 following methods and services when you entrust your exotic car to our transport services:

  • Your vehicle is loaded using a hydraulic powered lift gate which makes the task much easier, less risky, and more secure than a drive-on ramp.  Additionally, our lift gates are more convenient and safer for exotic cars that sit much lower than standard vehicles.
  • Once your exotic vehicle is safely loaded onto one of our carriers or trailers, we secure it with soft tie downs that won’t damage the finish and will prevent it from shifting while it’s in transit.
  • We ship your vehicle in an enclosed carrier to insure that it’s completely protected from environmental elements and road hazards.  This is the preferred transport method for exotic vehicles since it offers the most protection.
  • Our carriers are equipped with air ride suspension systems and provide a smoother ride when shipped over uneven surfaces and delivered to your new location.
  • We also provide tarped decks for our multilevel carriers to prevent any damage that is commonly attributed to fluid leaks.

Along with our industry experience, expertise, and transport skills, these are the factors that separate Exotic Car Transport from our competitors. Thus, you can be relaxed when you ship your vehicle with us, knowing that it is safely transported.

What are the benefits of our exotic car transport services?

Naturally, the primary benefit for you is the ultimate protection that our enclosed carriers provide.  These carriers keep your vehicle away from anything and everything that may threaten its value.  Plus, we provide the maximum allowable cargo insurance.  Knowing these factors gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve when their exotic car is in our care.

How much will it cost to ship your exotic car?

Transporting a regular vehicle is one thing.  However, shipping an exotic vehicle from Point A to Point B is a different story entirely.  Remember, if you choose Exotic Car Transport service, you’ll experience the most favorable outcome.  Shipping an exotic vehicle will cost between $1,100 and $1,350 depending on the auto transport company you select based on a distance of 1,000 miles.

However, there are 5 factors that play a significant role in determining the cost to ship your exotic vehicle including:

The easiest way to get an idea of the cost as soon as possible is to visit our website and get an instant quote by filling out the form on our home page.  All that’s required is some basic information including your name, e-mail, phone, and shipping date along with the vehicle make, model, and year.    Why risk shipping your exotic car with an inexperienced and independent contractor or moving company? Contact Exotic Car Transport directly at (888) 230-9877. We’d like to help you transport the vehicle carefully.