Picking the right Time of Year to Ship Your Luxury Vehicle

Between trying to determine how much it will cost to ship your luxury vehicle to its new home and wondering how long it will take before you see your prized possession again, you probably haven’t given much thought to shipping it at the right time of year.  While timing may not be a major concern at this point, Exotic Car Transport cannot stress how important this is when it comes to calculate the cost of shipping your vehicle.  The key is to ship it at the best possible rate and the least inconvenient time of year. If you are unaware of it, we’d like to step in and help you.

Why is timing so important?

Seasonal changes often play an important role in the time of year and cost to ship a luxury vehicle.  For example, the choice of the best route, school schedules, and the weather are significant factors that must be considered.  Furthermore, the higher demand during the peak auto shipping season will bog down the amount of time it takes to book a suitable transport company.  This is because efficiently coordinating pick-up and delivery times becomes much more of a challenge during the peak season with some companies.  Fortunately, this is rarely a factor at Exotic Car Transport.

How do the seasons affect shipping rates?

The law of supply and demand is a crucial factor when determining the right time of year to ship a luxury vehicle.  Additionally, there are more Americans shipping their vehicles during the summer months because the weather is more stable.  On the other hand, shipping your vehicle during wintertime has its own challenges as well.  Consequently, this is when the number of vehicles being shipped hits its lowest point of the year, and for good reason.  Unfortunately, the lack of demand drives prices up.

How do winter visitors affect auto transport rates?

Winter visitors, or “snowbirds” as they are commonly called across the southern US, often have their vehicles shipped to and from their winter residence which adds to the volume of vehicles being transported.  Although the prices vary when shipping vehicles in the summer and winter months, it’s almost a guarantee that you will see rates increase during fall and spring when snowbirds are leaving home in late fall and returning after the spring thaw.  So, if you’re a snowbird and you’re reading this content, the best way to save on shipping costs is by calling Exotic Car Transport.

So what are the best and worst times of the year for shipping vehicles?

Based on auto transport industry statistics, the best time of the year to ship any vehicle are the fall months of September, October, and November while the worst period to ship a vehicle is from mid-May to Labor Day.  During fall, there are fewer vehicles being shipped and the temperatures are relatively moderate.  Conversely, the summer months are known as the busy or peak season for two reasons.  First, the kids are out of school and second, a lot of people are relocating due to job changes this time of year.  As a result, prices drop during fall and increase in the summer. Thus, you can check when you need your vehicle shipped and our crew will be there for your assistance.

What else influences the cost of shipping a vehicle?

In addition to seasonality, there is another factor that can influence what it will cost you to ship your vehicle to your new location, especially when talking about cross-country or long-distance transport.  Here are 6 different scenarios that will give you a better idea:

  • Shipping from California to Florida $$900 / Shipping from Florida to California $750
  • Shipping from California to NY $1,100 / Shipping from NY to California $900
  • Shipping from Florida to Ohio $550 / Shipping from Ohio to Florida $400
  • Shipping from Florida to New York $700 / Shipping from New York to Florida $450
  • Shipping from Florida to Washington State $1,000 / Shipping from Washington state to Florida $950
  • Shipping from Illinois to Texas $375 / Shipping from Texas to Illinois $450

Rates are based on national averages for shipping 2-door and 4-door sedans.  Rates for pick-up trucks, SUV’s, and vans will be slightly higher to compensate for vehicles that are larger in size. For a customized quote on your luxury vehicle, call us today. We offer no obligation, FREE written quote on your vehicle shipping requirement.

In any event, we provide the highest level of client service possible and prioritize prompt, safe, and secure delivery at all times.  For more information, contact Exotic Car Transport at (888) 230-9877 or visit our website today.