Transport Your High-End Vehicle with Exotic Car Transport

What is the Cost of Exotic Auto Shipping?

You have finally landed the car of your dreams, but it is thousands of miles away. You don’t have the time available for a trip to the car and then drive it back. If you did that, you would also have to worry about what happens if trouble arises on the trip back home. So what is your best option for getting your new vehicle home?

Shipping an exotic car takes a softer touch than a traditional automotive shipment. Exotic Car Transport offers just the right service at the best costs in the industry.

What is Considered an Exotic Car?

Exotic cars are considered a branch of luxury vehicles. The exact definition of what to consider an exotic car can be up for debate. You can scour the internet looking for the definition of exotic cars, but chances are no one agrees.

The first step to identifying the exotic in exotic cars is to look at the definition of exotic.

  • From another part of the world
  • Intriguing, unusual, or different

Doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination considering a lot of cars are made in other parts of the world.

The second step is defining characteristics that almost all exotic cars have in common.

  • Prices that are unaffordable to the general public
  • Driving performance that matches those prices
  • Unique design characteristics that make them easy to pinpoint on the roadway
  • Only the highest quality of materials are used in their manufacturing
  • They are sized and shaped to put performance first-most of these vehicles are two-seaters or a coup
  • Most of these exotic cars are available in limited quantities
  • Supercharged-these are fast vehicles, and they can reach speeds over 140 mph
  • Generally found in black, silver, red, yellow, or white

Finally, let us look at some examples of exotic cars.

  • Lamborghini
  • Lotus
  • Bugatti
  • Aston Martin
  • And many others

What is Involved in Exotic Car Shipping?

For most vehicles, open transport options are the cheapest transport option available. When considering an exotic car, open transport is not recommended. We offer closed transport containers to keep your vehicle safe at all times while getting it to your desired destination point.

Closed Transport Option

Closed transport options are also referred to as “enclosed” transport. This option is ideal for vehicles that are more expensive, like exotic cars, or ones that need to be protected from potential weather elements during transport.

Exotic Car Transport uses tie-down systems that allow the natural suspension of your vehicle to move with the transport truck. By using the exotic car’s natural suspension, it creates less strain on the vehicle during the transport process.

Preparing Exotic Cars for Transport

There are certain protocols that you are going to want to follow when transporting your vehicle with a carrier like Exotic Car Transport. These not only help with the transport of the vehicle, but can serve as a personal record for yourself as well.

  1. Make sure you wash the vehicle. If you are taking your exotic car over national borders, they may want it to be free of foreign soil contaminants. Completion of this step before transport will alleviate a situation with Customs later on.
  2. Visually inspect your exotic car and take photographs. Although we guarantee that your vehicle will reach the final destination in the same condition, it was in when you shipped it, and some people like to take pictures of their exotic cars to verify this.
  3. Carry out maintenance before shipping your vehicle. It could be a safety hazard if you used closed transport services and your vehicle leaks. Make sure that the vehicle is in top condition before shipping. Your gas tank level should only be around a quarter of a tank during transport. DO NOT FILL UP BEFORE SHIPPING.
  4. Take unnecessary personal items out of your exotic car. Your empty drive-thru food bags and beverage cups should not remain in your car during transport. Just remember that anything that is not secured down could shift or move during transport. You will need to leave information about the vehicle inside and the license plate attached.
  5. Make notes of any special driving or mechanical issues with the vehicle. Your car will be driven minimally during the transport process, but if the driver does not know you have to jiggle the key a certain way or quirks with the clutch, they may have problems.

Pricing for Closed Transport of Exotic Cars

You know the value of your exotic car, and so do we. That is why using closed transport is a little more expensive than other means of transport. Exotic Car Transport specializes in the transport services for exotic cars. We understand the value and appreciate the integrity of your vehicle.

Since exotic cars require a more exquisite touch when transporting, we use only the best, and you should not expect any less than that. All prices below are approximate and reflect an overall assumption about the vehicle transported. For a more personal quote, please call our offices.

For an across country trip, Los Angeles to New York, for example, you could be looking at a total of $2200 from start to finish. This includes the closed transport and all the details of transport.

From Houston to Miami, shipping an exotic car could run close to $1000. From Miami to New York could run $1140. The critical thing to remember is the mileage is essential in calculating the price. Other factors can fluctuate your cost, like the time it will take to ship the car and gas prices.

Receiving a Quote

Exotic Car Transport has been the first choice in exotic transport since 1986. We provide safe and timely transport for your exotic car while using professionalism and care for your prized possessions.

We offer you uniquely crafted quotes based on your vehicle and destination. At Exotic Car Transport, you are getting the most competitive prices in the industry for door-to-door transport. So why put it off any longer? If you need your exotic car shipped, call Exotic Car Transport today for your no-obligation quote.