Exotic Vehicle Shipping in Arizona (AZ)

Arizona is known as one of the “Four Corner” states and is the sixth largest state by area. A lot of car shipments, especially exotic cars, have an origination or destination in the Arizona area. Arizona also sees a lot of family relocation or travels thanks to the Grand Canyon, and it’s hot weather.

What should you take into consideration when looking for exotic car shipments to or from the state of Arizona (AZ)?

Tips Before and After Finding the Right Transport Service

Just like with any other services you use for your exotic vehicle, there are certain things that you should do before you commit. In Arizona, multiple car transport companies could serve you in your needs, but do they meet all the requirements? Here are some tips to make the process a little smoother:

  • Don’t settle for the first quote you get from a high end transport service. Shop around to find the best price available. Exotic Car Transport service will always offer you the most competitive rates for your exotic transport needs. Make sure you are looking into the transport company so that you can make sure they are reputable. The last thing you want is to do business with someone who will not meet the standards of the industry.
  • Check the licensing of the companies that you are considering. When you plan to transport your exotic car, you only want the best. There are companies out there that are not accredited, and they are not professional. Make sure you do your research so that you are not dissatisfied with your exotic car transport services.
  • Have all of your paperwork together before getting your quote. This information will help in preparing the most accurate rate for transporting your exotic car. This includes your proof of insurance, your car’s title, and your photo identification. Knowing where your pick up and drop off points are ahead of time will also help with the quoted rate. Having all of this done ahead of time can help make the transition quicker once you opt for your delivery service of choice.
  • Prepare your vehicle ahead of time for the temperature changes. If you are shipping your exotic car to Arizona, you need to prepare your car for the hot temperatures that accompany the state. The same applies vice versa. For your exotic car, we recommend a closed transport. This protects your car from the weather elements, possible theft, and road debris protection should be of utmost importance with an exotic vehicle.

Factoring in Cost and Time for Transport

Depending on the distance you plan on shipping your exotic car will determine the price that you will pay and the time it will take for delivery. Please remember that when you are transporting a vehicle, it is being done by a driver who is using a truck and trailer to accommodate the needs you specify. If you require expedited shipping, you have to understand that more cost is required with that method.

For shipment within the United States, you can expect most transport services to take anywhere between two and eight days, depending on the mileage they have to travel. This compensates for the time that the driver has to sleep, break, etc. Keep in mind that exotic cars are best kept safe in a closed shipping method.

From Phoenix to Las Vegas, it is approximately 297 miles. The cost associated with this shorter distance can run as little as $300 and take up to four days, although it could take as little as two.

Shipping from Illinois to Arizona is approximately 1545 miles. It can take a driver anywhere from five to seven days to complete the trip. Prices begin close to $1000 for a trip like this.

Shipments across the country are going to cost you the most. From coast to coast, if the shipment is not an expedited order, it can take up to a week to complete. This compensates for the downtime a driver must take while driving. The recommendation industry-wide for exotic cars is for a closed transport to be used. We understand that shorter distances could get by utilizing an open transport, we do not recommend this for long distances.

Longer distances mean a lot more variables in the transport. We cannot predict what weather conditions or road conditions may come up during the transport of an exotic car. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Exotic Car Transport’s Mission and Promise

The mission of Exotic Car Transport is to provide you and your exotic car with the safest, fastest, most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly service that can’t be beaten. We take extreme pride in the services that we provide high-quality service that is paired with one-on-one experiences that cannot be compared to.

Exotic Car Transport promises to:

  • Invest and employ the best employees in the industry to better serve our valued customers
  • Use the newest technologies to ensure that we are efficient and enhance our customer experiences
  • Adhere to the environmental industries standards by fulfilling our obligation to making a clean impact
  • Promote safety in all components of the shipping process. Not only do we strive to keep our employees safe, but we take measures to ensure that cargo is secure as well during transport
  • Remain in full compliance with the rules set forth by the FMCSA and the DOT. We know that a safe transport promotes safety on the roads.
  • Transport cars in enclosed trailers.

The Most Important Promise

The most important promise that we can make to you at Exotic Car Transport is to provide you with the best quality at the lowest prices. Once you become a customer with Exotic Car Transport, you are family.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to the next state or you are moving across the country to live in Arizona, we have your back. We will move your exotic car with the utmost respect and care that the industry provides. You should always know that you are in the best hands when you choose Exotic Car Transport for your shipping needs.