High-End Car Transport Services

There are several different kinds of car transport services that you can obtain when you need to ship your vehicle. These types of services can be economy through high-end and luxury services. Understanding the types of services available can help you determine which shipping method is right for you.

What is High-End Transport?

High-end transport services are generally reserved for higher-end exotic or luxury brand vehicles. These vehicles are the ones that require the white-glove treatment. Exotic Car Transport knows what you look for in exotic and luxury car transport.

Closed Transport is Shipping’s Finest

Exotic Car Transport only offers the most elegant transport for your exotic and luxury vehicles. The quality of the features we offer are what show you we know what high-end looks like. The only transport for your high-end needs is our closed transport trailers. These trailers come with specific features that are designed to provide luxury and style during your shipment.

  • Providing over-the-tire soft-tie downs to hold your vehicle in place. Using this form of tie-down also helps use your vehicle’s natural suspension to ride out the journey while remaining in place.
  • Trailers include:
    • Hard covered sides to protect your exotic or luxury car from weather, road debris, and possible damage.
    • The largest inside dimensions the industry has to offer for closed transport.
    • Tarped decks protect your vehicle from possible leaking fluids.
    • An air-ride suspension for a gentler travel experience for your vehicle.
  • Trailers include hydraulic lift-gates that are essential for loading and unloading lower-profile vehicles.
  • Drop decks accommodate various vehicle sizes and shapes.

Exotic Car Transport offers trailers that can accommodate up to seven exotic and luxury vehicles. If you prefer not to share a trailer with so many vehicles during your shipping process, we can accommodate shipment with fewer vehicle trailers.

Protection on the Road

Your vehicle is an investment and very special to you. Exotic Car Transport understands this, and we want to do everything we can to provide you with the best high-end transport solutions. Weather can often cause a problem during transport, especially when traveling a long distance. Since we cannot predict how the weather will act during your shipment, we offer the finest trailers that will protect your vehicle from the elements.

Weather is something that cannot be controlled. A lot of time predictions can be wrong regarding it too. The best security we can offer you from these possible conditions is closed transport with our hard covered trailers.


One natural phenomenon that can cause a lot of damage to vehicles is hail. Hail is an ice pellet that can range in various sizes. If you have ever seen a hail storm, you know that the pellets can be pea-sized to quarter-sized and larger.

Hail can do a lot of damage. Cracked windshields, dented car bodies, and scratches are often side effects of your car being exposed to hail. There is no “special forecast” that can be given to determine hail. Some of the nastiest storms can be without hail, but a Spring shower can create a massive amount.

Wind Damage

Even though the wind itself is not the perpetrator, it is a conductor for it. Wind has the capability of picking up branches and other debris in yards or roadways that can cause damage to a vehicle. If a branch has been caught in the wind, it has the potential of causing real damage to your car, including broken windows, mirrors being torn off, and scratched paint. Some custom paint jobs can cost thousands of dollars on high-end vehicles.

Road Debris

Weather patterns are not the only thing that high-end covered transport will protect your exotic or luxury vehicle from. Semi-trailers have the capability of stirring up quite a bit on the roadways. Rocks or gravel have the potential to get stirred up, or fresh blacktop that has loose components that can damage the paint on a vehicle. Closed transport trailers take all the worry of outside elements like these from damaging your car.


You don’t have to drive an expensive car for this to be a worry, especially if using an open transport. Cars can end up with damage when someone tries to break into them, and while Exotic Car Transport does everything within their power to stop this from happening, the sad truth is it can happen.

Closed transport shipping trailers offer an extended means of protection for your asset, in this case, your exotic or luxury car.

The Cost of High-End Car Transport

You can expect to pay a little more for higher-end transport quality. These enclosed transport trailers also offer a higher level of insurance coverage, which increases the price. For an accurate quote on an enclosed transport, you need to make sure you have the make, model, year, and distance when you call.

Much like economy transport services, the price is calculated by distance, car, and method of shipping. For higher-end vehicles, Exotic Car Transport specializes in enclosed shipping methods. This is for the protection of your vehicle. Prices for these services can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on where the destination is.

As a high-end car transport service, we excel at moving at any distance. If you are moving the next state over, Exotic Car Transport can handle that. If you are going to Canada, we can move it there too.

Why Choose Exotic Car Transport?

Why not? Exotic Car Transport has over 30 years of experience shipping vehicles where they need to go. We only hire qualified drivers to handle your vehicle. We understand the high-end and high-quality experience that you have come to expect when dealing with a vehicle shipping company.

Let us give you the best quote you will receive all day. We offer high-end service without breaking the bank. Don’t pay more for the same luxurious services that Exotic Car Transport can provide.

Give us a call today and receive your quote. Our team can give you all the options available to get your vehicle from here to there in style.