Luxury Car Shipping And Auto Transport Services

Exotic Car Transport doesn’t limit our services to just exotic makes and model cars. We handle luxury vehicles with care too. The same options that we offer for exotic car transport is also available for use with your luxury vehicle. Just like shipping an exotic car, you want only the best and most delicate transport services around.

What is a Luxury Vehicle?

The luxurious class of vehicles are cars that have the luxury features standard on them. Unlike regular passenger cars that base their features on trim package levels, high end is standard in these cars.

Standard Luxury Features

Some of the standard features you will find in a luxury car are:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Seat massager
  • Heated seats
  • Water-resistant windows
  • Automated safety features
  • Expensive entertainment systems

What Are Common Luxury Car Makes?

It is easy to mix up exotic car makes with luxury car makes. Exotic cars are an off-shoot of luxury cars that are often more expensive and have custom dealer add-on features like speed and design.

Common makes of luxury cars include:

  • Tesla
  • Acura
  • Infiniti
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Lexus

These vehicles don’t cost quite as much as their exotic and foreign counterparts. But have luxury written all over them with features and design.

Types of Shipping Methods Available for Luxury Vehicles

When it comes to your luxury vehicle, you want to protect your investment. We want to help you do that by providing you the best means of shipping your vehicle, no matter where you need to ship it to. There are different options available for transporting your vehicle, but most luxury and exotic cars use enclosed transport for their shipping needs.

What is Enclosed Shipping?

Enclosed shipping is a method that uses a specialized covered trailer to transport your vehicle. Unlike usual, cheaper means of transport, these trailers offer shelter and protection from common nuisances.

Weather– Protecting your car from the elements that the weather can bring is essential. Much like you house your car in your garage, we recommend using enclosed transport to protect your luxury vehicle from the elements. Hail can cause severe damage to the outside of a car and even crack a windshield. If you are transporting a long distance, the weather is too unpredictable to take chances.

Luxury Treatment– Enclosed shipment offers perks that other transport doesn’t generally have. The tie-down straps used in enclosed transport are strong, but gentle enough to prevent any damage to your vehicle in the shipping process. Luxury tie-down service also means that Exotic Car Transport will use your vehicles natural suspension instead of working against it. This reduces the unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s shocks and struts.

Insurance– Enclosed shipping trucks ship higher-end vehicles (as a general rule), this means that insurance on these trucks offer better coverage options. If your vehicle is damaged in any way, our insurance covers you and your luxury vehicle.

Experienced Drivers– Drivers who are in charge of enclosed transports are more experienced drivers. They have the training to work all the equipment necessary to transport your luxury vehicle safely and securely.

Low-Hydraulic Lifts– Most of the enclosed transport trailers are equipped with low-profile friendly hydraulic lifts. The use of this kind of lift helps get your vehicle into the covered transport horizontally without excess wear from trying to get it up a ramp. At inclines, lower profile cars can scrape their undercarriage. This can cause a lot of damage.

Preparing Your Luxury Car for Shipping

Just like when getting ready to take a trip, you pack and get your things ready. You have to do the same for your luxury vehicle before having it shipped. Exotic Car Transport will let you know all of the requirements for shipping your luxury vehicle way ahead of time.

  1. Wash all dirt and debris from your vehicle before shipment. This includes the undercarriage. Some countries do not allow foreign soil to be brought across the border, and this requires that the vehicle be free from all dust, debris, and foreign particles. Exotic Car Transport will make sure that you have enough time to complete this step prior to shipping.
  2. Inspect your luxury car. This is for your protection and ours. We can’t say that accidents won’t happen, but we try our best to ensure that they don’t. When you have pictures and proof of what the vehicle looked like before shipment, that helps us help you if something occurs.
  3. Before you ship your vehicle, make sure that you carry out all maintenance. This includes oil changes, fluid refills, and exhaust work. Leaky cars can cause a problem for shipping containers. Make sure that you reduce the gas in your tank to below a quarter.
  4. There is no need to leave things in your car that could get damaged in transport. You know that your vehicle will move around, and with that knowledge, putting something fragile in your car isn’t worth the risk. Make sure that you leave the required car documentation in the vehicle and the license plate intact.
  5. Make sure that you let Exotic Car Transport know of any special quirks your vehicle may have. While we drive it a minimal amount, it is always important to know if there is anything special about how it operates.

Prices for Enclosed Transport of Luxury Vehicles

You can expect to pay a little more for luxury transport services than you would for an economy shipping option. The cost is offset due to the special measures taken to guarantee the best transport of your luxury vehicle. Trailers that are enclosed cost more to buy and maintain than those that are not covered.

Exotic Car Transport tries to accommodate all your needs and your expectations. When you call our transport company, we will treat you like family and offer you a quote that is competitive and affordable. We understand that moving a vehicle can be an overwhelming time, and this is why we offer the best services to get your luxury car where it needs to go.