Transport Your High-End Vehicle with Exotic Car Transport

Exotic Car Transportation – How It Works, Costs, and More

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions an “exotic car” or “super car?” You probably imagine a red Ferrari, Porsche coupe, or a similar ride, and you’d be right. Exotic cars, super cars, and vintage cars are unusual, beautiful and, yes – expensive.

Shipping exotic cars can be stress-inducing for the owners, but fortunately, exotic car transport companies can come in to save the day. Choosing an exotic transportation system means your precious automobile doesn’t have to withstand road grime or potential damage in the standard open transport.

The main goal of an exotic car transportation company is to pick up and deliver the exotic vehicle in perfect condition. But how does it all work, and what do exotic auto transport companies focus on to deliver flawless service? We’ll give you all the details, including how much it costs to transport your super car.

Taking a Closer Look at Exotic Cars

If you’re thinking about starting an exotic car transport business or using an exotic transport service, it’s essential to fully understand the definition of an exotic car. While some might find their brand new SUV plenty luxurious, it doesn’t mean it falls into the category of exotic.

Specific brand names are associated with the production of exotic cars. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, McLaren, and several others are the leading names in exotic car manufacturing.

However, some mainstream automobile manufacturers also produce exotic cars. Cars like Nissan GT-R, BMW i8, or Chevrolet Corvette are considered super cars too. But what do all these vehicles have in common?

Exotic cars usually have a low-slung design, only two seats, and barely any trunk space. On top of that, exotic cars are typically brightly colored and instantly recognizable on the street.

But most importantly, super cars offer racetrack-worthy performance, an absurd amount of horsepower and are made from the rarest and most expensive materials.

By now you might be wondering what’s the most expensive exotic car in the world. In May 2022, Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut was sold from the Mercedes-Benz museum in Germany to a private collector for a whopping $142 million.

Exotic vs. Luxury Cars

We’ve explained briefly that exotic and luxury cars are not precisely the same, although they are often used interchangeably in the exotic car transportation business.

The best exotic car transport companies offer a wide range of services for exotic, vintage, and luxury vehicles.

But for the sake of clarity, we’ll note the distinction between exotic and luxury cars. In a nutshell, exotic cars are what we also call sports cars.

It’s the kind of vehicle you don’t usually see on the road; when you do, it’s a special moment. But luxury cars are more common, and nearly all automobile manufacturers have their version of luxury vehicles.

Exotic Car Transport Services

How Does Super Car Transport Work?

If you have an exotic car and want to move it to another city, state, or country, you might wonder what luxury car transport companies offer that standard car shipping companies don’t.

Because exotic cars are so valuable, the emphasis is always on protection and insurance.

A luxury car transporter takes extraordinary measures to minimize the chances of even the tiniest damage to the vehicle’s exterior or interior. But to get the right idea about the entire process, here is everything shipping exotic cars entails.

Detailed Car Examination

Checking the vehicle for existing damage benefits the exotic car transport companies and their customers.

If it’s your exotic car, documenting existing scratches or dents allows you to quickly verify whether the vehicle suffered any additional damage during transport.

For super car transport companies, a record of existing damage protects them from insurance claims or lawsuits. It’s also crucial to document the mileage, turn off the anti-theft system, and leave at least 1/4 of a tank of gas in the car.

Removal of Personal Items

This might seem like an unnecessary step to talk about because, of course, you’ll take your things out of the car. But it’s imperative not to forget to empty the glove box, lower the antenna if possible, and gather up any loose coins inside the vehicle.

Even the smallest item can cause damage in a specific situation or become misplaced. So, taking the time to clean out your car is an essential step for transportation of any type of vehicle, including exotic cars.

Exotic Car Pickup

After scheduling luxury can transportation services, the company will arrive at the agreed destination to pick up your car. Your prized possession is lifted with a custom hydraulic-powered liftgate designed to reduce the risk of damage.

It’s much safer than a drive-on ramp typically used for transporting regular vehicles. The best exotic car services offer more convenient lift gates designed for exotic cars that are much lower than standard vehicles.

The pickup process also entails securing the exotic car with soft tie-downs that will be gentle on the vehicle’s finish and ensure there’s no movement during transport.

Exotic Car Transport

When shipping your exotic car across the country, you’re naturally concerned about road hazards and environmental elements.

That’s why luxury car transportation companies ship vehicles in enclosed carriers. They don’t take any chances with open carriers and take every precaution to prevent all damages.

Exotic Car Storage

Coordinating vehicle shipping and personal travel can be tricky. What if your exotic car arrives a day before your plane lands? You can’t leave your expensive vehicle in a random parking lot.

Instead, super car transport companies are likely to offer vehicle storage services. That way, your exotic car stays in a secure place until you are ready to pick it up.

Exotic Car Delivery

The final step in exotic car transportation is delivery, whether it’s coming from a safe storage space or another state.

A luxury car transporter will bring your car to the previously arranged destination, allowing you to check the vehicle’s condition and ensure everything is in perfect order.

Exotic Car Transport Cost

Exotic vehicles are expensive and require a specialized form of transport, but that can also get pricey. However, the exotic car transport cost can drastically vary depending on several factors, including the exotic car transportation company’s reputation.

If you’re planning to ship your luxury vehicle and are wondering what kind of budget to set aside, here’s everything you need to keep in mind.

Shipping Distance

Unsurprisingly, shipping distance is the primary indicator of the exotic car transport cost. Also, the price per mile decreases as the shipping distance increases. Again, while these prices may vary, here’s the average price range for shipping exotic cars.

  • $1.25 for 0 – 500 miles
  • $1.00 for 500 – 1,000 miles
  • $0.70 for 1,000 – 1,500 miles
  • $0.65 for 1,500 – 2,000 miles
  • $0.62 for 2,000 – 2,500 miles
  • $0.52 for 2,500 – 3,000 miles
  • $0.47 for 3,000+ miles

Vehicle Type

The size of the vehicle plays a role in the total transport cost. Smaller exotic cars are typically cheaper to transport.

Larger exotic cars – those with non-standard dimensions and higher curb weight – are likely to cost more, but this is something you should always check with the luxury car transport companies.

Fuel Price

Apart from shipping distances, all car shipping companies consider the fuel expenses too. As fuel prices change, so does the cost of exotic car shipping.

You also must consider that the fuel prices can vary by region due to distance from supply and local and state taxes. Furthermore, exotic auto transport in different countries can significantly affect fuel prices.

Transportation Method

While open-air trailers are the most common form of car shipping for standard vehicles, enclosed trailers are the go-to option for exotic cars.

The four walls and a roof are constructed from shock-proof material to deliver cushioning for valuable cars.

Also, air and ocean freight shipping are the preferred luxury car transportation methods when planning super car transport overseas. Naturally, enclosed road, ocean, or air shipping will impact the overall cost significantly.


We’ve talked about storage being an optional service: if an exotic auto transport company keeps your vehicle in a safe storage space, that will also increase the final price tag.

It’s essential to ask about the cost of storage services beforehand as some might assume the price of the standard service of an exotic car transport business.

Shipping Insurance

All auto shipping companies, including those that exclusively transport exotic cars, are legally required to offer insurance for vehicles they move.

Since shipping a high-end vehicle requires higher insurance, it’s no wonder exotic car shipping is more expensive than transporting standard vehicles.

Time of the Year

Another vital metric determining exotic car transport cost is the time of the year. The highest prices are in mid-May and around Labor Day, but during the winter, you’re much more likely to find affordable prices.

Delivery Time Frame

Finally, exotic car transport companies might not always be able to accommodate customers’ wishes regarding exact shipping dates. Ideally, you should schedule shipping at least 10 days in advance of when you want to ship it.

However, if you’re in a hurry, some exotic car shippers might be able to schedule a faster transport, but at a higher cost.

Benefits of Using Luxury Car Transportation Companies

As an exotic car owner, it’s your right to use any shipping company, but choosing one that doesn’t specialize in luxury vehicles is risky.

The open trailer transport system generally works well, but it’s not the best option for exotic cars. Plus, there are other considerations to keep in mind.

If you’re on a fence about whether you should hire a super car transport company, here are a few reasons why that’s usually the right choice.

Protection From Road Hazards

Harsh weather, road salt, rocks, and gravel can damage your exotic car’s high-quality finish, detailing, and waxing. You don’t have to worry about your vehicle arriving dented or messy because a storm caught the open trailer.

Instead, the enclosed trailers provide a safer environment and temperature for transporting your exotic car. Once it arrives at its destination, you don’t have to worry about washing or detailing the car.


As mentioned, exotic car transportation companies offer higher insurance coverage. A regular car shipping company might not be able to provide such comprehensive insurance for your exotic vehicle, so choosing them means taking a risk. If something goes wrong, they might be unable to cover the damage cost.


In addition to being driven, exotic cars are designed to be looked at and admired, but not necessarily when you’re shipping your valuable vehicle across several state lines.

Enclosed transport protects your exotic vehicle from prying eyes and prevents potential nefarious actors from tracking it.

Exotic Car Transportation FAQs

What Are Some of the Common Complications Regarding Shipping Exotic Cars?

Unfortunately, complications happen, and not even the best exotic car transport companies can prevent them. Delays due to road accidents, extreme weather, or vehicle malfunction occur, but hopefully not often.

Other issues regarding exotic car shipping could stem from a lack of communication with the luxury car transporter, such as wrong pickup or delivery date or whether the vehicle needs to be secured in a storage facility.

How Long Does It Take to Ship an Exotic Car?

That depends on several factors, but you can generally expect professional drivers to cover around 500 miles daily.

Who Primarily Uses Exotic Luxury Car Transportation Services?

The shortest answer is anyone who owns an exotic car. But you also must consider that people in some high-profile professions are more likely to relocate frequently and want to bring their super car with them.

Many exotic car transporters specifically cater to celebrities, professional athletes, private collectors, auto companies, corporate executives, government officials, and motor enthusiasts.

Should You Expect a Free Quote From a Reliable Exotic Car Transport Business?

Absolutely. Because so many factors impact the shipping cost, asking for a fair and free estimate is essential.

Experienced and professional exotic car shippers can provide a free quote without any hidden fees involved.

Shipping Your Exotic Car Safely to Any Destination

Exotic car owners often enjoy testing sports vehicles on different racetracks or highways, which sometimes means shipping the cars to the new destination first.

Frequent relocations for work or leisure are also reasons exotic auto transport is an important service to have available.

The associated cost is understandably higher than what the standard car shipping companies charge, but the service is customized, and the insurance coverage is more significant.

Don’t forget that preparing your exotic vehicle for transport is essential and that choosing a trustworthy luxury car transporter sometimes requires research.

Reach out to Exotic Car Transport for a free quote for your next exotic car relocation.