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What to Expect From Best Luxury Transportation Provider?

Owning an exotic or luxury car is prestigious indeed, but for many people, it’s more about appreciating the design, build quality, and comfort. But exotic cars also require a lot of maintenance and customized care to keep their value.

So, when you need to ship your expensive, super car to another state or country, standard car shipping companies just won’t do. Instead, exotic car vehicle owners are advised to seek the services of a luxury car transportation company.

These providers know precisely how to approach shipping exotic, vintage, and super cars and ease the minds of vehicle owners. If you’re on the hunt for reliable exotic car transport, perhaps you’re unsure what to expect and which services to focus on.

Before scheduling a pickup, here’s everything you should expect from a top luxury transportation provider.

Best Luxury Transportation Provider

What Are High-End Cars?

High-end, luxury, super, sports, vintage, and exotic are all terms that describe the same thing: expensive cars. Indeed, high-end vehicles are typically very expensive and rare, but not every term mentioned can be used interchangeably.

For example, exotic cars are typically two-seater sports cars with low-slung designs, tiny trunks, and over-the-top horsepower. These vehicles are usually produced by European automobile manufacturers, although not exclusively. On the other hand, a luxury car doesn’t have to be a sports car but a high-end model of mainstream car manufacturers.

Vintage vehicles are in a separate category, though they may overlap with exotic and sports cars based on their design. These vehicles have one common denominator, and it’s that they’re very valuable.

Their value is monetary, of course, but also often sentimental. Motor enthusiasts take special care and interest in keeping their vehicles in excellent condition, including using luxury car transport service when necessary.

So, who are the people in need of high-end car transport?

A luxury car transport service may cater to anyone who owns a luxury vehicle. Still, these companies are well-versed in accommodating the needs of corporate executives, professional athletes, celebrities, government officials, and collectors. The best luxury transport providers offer professionalism, discretion, and a wide range of services.

How Luxury Auto Transport Works

The logistics involved in planning a transport could be overwhelming if you own a luxury vehicle and need to relocate it to another city, state, or country. Unless you plan to drive the vehicle to the destination, you’ll need a reliable exotic car transport company. Sounds great, but what do their services precisely entail?

Here’s a step-by-step rundown to get the complete picture of the process.

Vehicle Prep

Before you hand over the keys of your luxury vehicle to the transport company, you need to prepare it for shipping. This includes several crucial elements, but you should always start with removing personal belongings from the vehicle.

Don’t leave anything behind, not even loose change or random items in the glove box. You should also take down the vehicle’s antenna if it has one.

The second important part of this process is documenting exiting vehicle damage if there is any. Detailing your car before transport will make it easier to see any existing scratches and notice potential new damage when the vehicle arrives.

Vehicle Pickup

The best luxury vehicle transport companies use specialized hydraulic-powered liftgates to move your vehicle to avoid even the slightest damage.

Drive-on ramps might be the norm, but liftgates are a safer solution when it comes to high-end vehicles, especially those with low-slung profiles.

The service providers will come to wherever your vehicle is and safely place it in an enclosed trailer. Finally, they’ll use custom tie-downs that prevent movement during transport but do not damage the expensive vehicle finish.

Vehicle Shipping

Your car is ready for the road, and you’re naturally worried about how it will go. Asking for reassurance from your exotic car hauler is normal, and they should be able to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Open-air trailers are not the best option for exotic vehicles, and you should always expect your transportation provider to offer only enclosed shipping for your car. That way, weather elements, road grime, and other environmental damage are reduced to a minimum.

Vehicle Delivery

The final step in the shipping process is vehicle delivery. In some instances, you might need to keep your vehicle in storage until you can pick it up.


The best high-end auto transport companies offer storage services and can always find a solution for safely keeping your vehicle until you get to the destination. However, if there’s no need for storage, the company can deliver your luxury car directly to a specified address.

Are There Any Other Shipping Options for Luxury Vehicles?

When discussing high-end auto transport, the focus is on choosing enclosed road carriers. But when you need to move your vehicle to another country or continent, air and ocean shipping are also options.

The fastest and most exclusive way to transport your exotic car is by air, but that’s understandably the most expensive option too.

Ocean freight relies on container shipping which offers another layer of protection against damage but is significantly slower than air freight. But it’s also less costly and usually the go-to option for international car transport.

Keep in mind that if you need to transport your high-end vehicle to another country, the chosen luxury transportation provider should be able to offer several safe solutions.

How to Choose the Best Exotic Car Transportation Company

You should have high expectations from your luxury car transport service. But if you’re unfamiliar with how these companies operate, there are things you might not think to ask but absolutely should to avoid unrealistic expectations.

To avoid confusion and, ultimately, dissatisfaction with the service, here’s a list of tips on how to choose an exotic car hauler.

Do the Research

That’s easy enough to say, but what should you be doing precisely? The first order of business should always be to check public reviews and complaints.

That’s an entire goldmine of information, especially if you know how to discard the exaggerated testimonials and focus on those that keep things real.

Don’t forget that the best luxury vehicle transport companies care about their reputation and will often reply to customers and not ignore the bad reviews.

The research process should also verify if the company you’re looking into is registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA.) If they are, they’ll likely have that info available on their website.

Experience Matters

Every new business must start somewhere, and it might be tempting to give a chance to a fledgling company with little experience because they offer lower prices. While that’s an option, experience still goes a long way in this business.

You should be able to talk to someone from the company with extensive experience with high-end auto transport and who can reassure you that your vehicle will be delivered safely.

If you’re on the phone with a company and none of their agents can’t answer your questions about their process, you’re better off moving to another candidate.

Ideally, you should team up with a luxury vehicle transport company with an excellent track record and who proudly displays their achievements in the business.

Familiarity With the Law

Your high-end auto transport company should be prepared if they’re moving your vehicle across state lines or internationally. The shipping process requires gathering a lot of documentation, and it’s vital they be familiar with the specific laws in another state or country.

A luxury transportation provider should cover all their bases on this front and know how to prepare the paperwork.

Multiple Modes of Transport

We’ve touched on this factor, but it’s important to reiterate it. A high-end car shipping company that doesn’t offer enclosed trailer transport is a no-go.

Sure, an open carrier might be a faster option, but it leaves your vehicle vulnerable to environmental elements. Also, don’t forget to ask about the ocean and air freight transport options if you’re relocating your vehicle to another country.

GPS Tracking

You must be able to track your high-end vehicle while it’s on its journey. Your luxury car shipping provider should give you an online tracking code that tells you precisely where your car is at all times.

Otherwise, you might be feeling uneasy the entire time, especially as some national and international shipping can take days.

Insurance Coverage

Excellent insurance coverage is a critical aspect of planning high-end vehicle transport. Most car shipping companies offer insurance, but that’s rarely enough when shipping luxury vehicles.

It’s vital to point out that customers are not required to purchase insurance for car shipping, but the car shipping companies provide the coverage. Therefore, the luxury auto transport company you select should be able to offer insurance that covers the value of your vehicle.

Competitive Prices and Free Quotes

Naturally, luxury car transportation costs more than shipping standard vehicles. If you’re seeking customized service, then you already expect this. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune to transport your exotic car to a different state.

Any extreme pricing, whether cheap or over-the-top, is a sign that the company likely doesn’t have great business practices. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to learn about standard prices.

However, remember that many factors will influence the cost, starting from the time of year. Mid-May is typically the most expensive time to ship a car and winter months are traditionally more affordable.

Other factors that impact the overall luxury cars transportation cost include.

  • Shipping distance
  • Vehicle type and size
  • Current fuel price
  • Transportation method
  • Storage
  • Delivery time frame

Finally, a high-end auto transport business should offer free quotes to potential customers. They should be able to give you a fair estimate that doesn’t include hidden fees.

Great Customer Service

If you’re shipping your luxury vehicle for the first time and don’t have experience with a specific company, you should be able to ask all your questions.

Preferably, you will have a designated agent to talk to who can tell you everything you need about the shipping process.

Quality Over Quantity

We know that experience matters, and you want to work with an exotic car hauler that stays busy year-round, but that’s not the only relevant factor.

How much business a company has should be less important than how they treat their customers. A more personal approach can make all the difference in any business, and the same applies to luxury cars transportation.

Reasons to Hire a High-End Car Transport Company

Many car shipping companies do their jobs well, but not all are qualified to handle a vehicle that might be worth hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars.

Luxury vehicle transport requires specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience. Choosing a reliable exotic car transport company should offer several important benefits.

By far, the most relevant advantage is the protection against road hazards. Your vehicle has an expensive finish, and you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money detailing the car.

You don’t want it potentially ruined on an open carrier where rain, hail, snow, or harsh winds can damage the paintwork.

Another reason to consider luxury transportation providers is the insurance that comes with this type of service. Your high-end vehicle requires more substantial coverage, and that’s not something you get with the standard car shipping companies.

Lastly, luxury vehicle transport means privacy. The enclosed trailers keep your vehicle hidden while it’s on its way to a specific destination. Enclosed shipping is safer and more discreet.

Luxury Vehicle Transport Companies

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Transporting High-End Vehicles

In terms of choosing a car transportation company, one of the most common mistakes is falling for scam-like practices. Overly low prices and unrealistic deadlines might sound fantastic in theory, but you’ll likely only get disappointed.

Other pitfalls to avoid include neglecting proper vehicle preparation before shipping and not doing thorough research on the company’s licenses and registrations.

Always Demand the Best and Do Thorough Research

It is a good idea to expect high standards from a high-end auto transport company that will ship your expensive vehicle.

That’s why you should probably never outsource researching different services unless it’s someone you trust completely.

There are some telltale signs regarding which companies to avoid, but there are also clues that tell you that an exotic car hauler knows its business and will deliver exceptional service.

If you need an outstanding luxury car transport service, reach out to Exotic Car Transport for a free quote.