Choosing between Shipping a Luxury Vehicle in a Soft or Hard sided Enclosed Carrier

Shipping a vehicle in an enclosed carrier is one of the different transport options we currently offer at Exotic Car Transport.  As the most popular and recommended way to ship an exotic vehicle, there are two enclosed trailer options that you should be aware of when shipping your vehicle to a new location – hard-sided and soft-sided trailers.  In any event, shipping an exotic, luxury, or vintage vehicle in an enclosed carrier offers the highest level of protection and security for these types of vehicles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of enclosed auto transport?

An enclosed auto carrier is a sealed trailer that protects your vehicle from road hazards and the weather while in transit from Point A to Point B.  Enclosed auto transport not only offers your vehicle the ultimate level of protection and security, it typically comes with a higher degree of attention and service.  Your vehicle will not be damaged by hail, sleet, or snow as well as any road debris.  Furthermore, the Exotic Car Transport drivers are experienced and skilled with high-end vehicles.

Choosing between shipping a luxury vehicle in a soft or hard sided enclosed carrier is difficult. The only real downside to enclosed auto transport is the cost.  Due to additional amount of care provided, the fewer number of vehicles transported in enclosed carriers, and the higher insurance coverage, enclosed auto transport is costlier.  However, there are less of these carriers on the road, hence the higher cost to transport your vehicle in one.  On the other hand, if cost is your primary concern, we suggest shipping your vehicle in an open-air transport trailer.

When should you consider shipping your vehicle in an enclosed transport?

There are a number of reasons why we recommend enclosed auto carriers at Exotic Car Transport.  However, answering YES to any of the following questions is a good reason to consider shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier:

  • Do you consider your vehicle an investment?
  • Does it have exterior modifications such as a high-end finish or lots of chrome?
  • Does it have low ground clearance such as an aftermarket body kit?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • Is it an exotic sports car or other type of high-end vehicle (luxury, vintage, etc.)?
  • Is your vehicle’s value greater than the insurance coverage provided for an open trailer?
  • Will you be shipping your vehicle when inclement weather is expected?

These are all reasons to consider shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier.  After all, there’s no point in taking any chances by paying for an open shipping trailer.

What is a hard-sided auto shipping carrier?

As the name implies, a hard-sided auto shipping carrier is an enclosed transport trailer that protects exotic and other high-end vehicles from environmental elements and road hazards.  Exotic Car Transport hard-sided trailers use hydraulic lifts to load your car into the carrier instead of a long, inclined ramp.  Most enclosed carriers carry up to 5 vehicles unlike open trailers that carry 8 to 10.  Additionally, with a hard-sided carrier, all of the downsides of a soft-sided carrier are eliminated.

What is a soft-sided auto shipping carrier?

Transporting your vehicle in a soft-sided auto carrier is like shipping your vehicle in a tent.  While it does protect your vehicle against road debris and the weather for the most part, it is not fully enclosed.  This means that your vehicle will still be exposed and likely get a bit dirty during its journey.  The one advantage to shipping in a soft-sided trailer is that the cost is lower.  Basically, it’s a cost-effective option for an enclosed trailer but it lacks the merits that hard-sided carriers offer. Thus, if you have a a limited budget, this might be the right decision.

How do you choose the right carrier?

Your decision will most likely depend on the type of car you own and your budget, but ultimately it will depend on your preference and getting the most value for the cost.  Soft-sided carriers typically use ramps when loading vehicles onto them.  Thus, if your vehicle has a low ground clearance, it may have difficulties trying to drive up that ramp.  In this case, a hard-sided carrier that loads vehicles with a hydraulic lift is the better option. Choosing between shipping a luxury vehicle in a soft or hard sided enclosed carrier has now been made simpler for you so that you can take the right decision.

To learn more about the advantages of hard-sided and soft-sided auto carriers or to speak with one of our specialists regarding your needs, contact Exotic Car Transport at (888) 230-9877 or visit our website by clicking here.