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Transporting Cars for Dealerships


Transporting cars for dealerships is a crucial aspect of the automotive industry, enabling car dealers to efficiently move vehicles from one location to another. Whether it’s delivering cars to showrooms, transferring inventory between dealership locations, or shipping vehicles to customers who have made a purchase, the need for reliable and professional car hauling services is paramount.

At Exotic Car Transport, we understand the unique requirements of transporting cars for dealerships. With our commitment to excellence and expertise in handling invaluable vehicles, we are the preferred car shipping company for dealerships. Let’s explore the various aspects of transporting cars for dealerships, including the types of services available, the importance of choosing a reputable car hauling service, and the factors to consider when transporting high-end vehicles.


    Why Professional Car Shipping for Dealership Cars?

    The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and car dealerships face the challenge of moving vehicles efficiently and safely. Transporting cars for dealerships is a vital service that enables them to meet the demands of their customers and expand their reach. Whether it’s transporting cars from manufacturers to showrooms, transferring inventory between dealership locations, or delivering vehicles to customers, car hauling services play a crucial role in the operations of dealerships.

    At Exotic Car Transport, we specialize in transporting high-end vehicles for dealerships. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the preferred choice for dealerships looking for reliable and professional car hauling services. With our extensive network of carriers and our dedication to customer satisfaction, we ensure that transporting cars for dealerships is a seamless and stress-free process.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Hauling Service

    When selecting a car hauling service for transporting cars for dealerships, there are several factors to consider. These factors will ensure that you choose a reliable and reputable service provider that meets your specific requirements. The following aspects should be taken into account:


    Price is an important consideration when transporting cars for dealerships. It’s essential to compare the pricing of different car hauling services and evaluate the value they offer. While cost is a factor, it’s important to also consider the quality of service provided and the level of protection offered for your vehicles. Exotic Car Transport offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality and security of your vehicles. Get a quote now.

    Standard of Service

    The standard of service provided by a car hauling company is crucial when transporting cars for dealerships. You want to ensure that the company has a track record of delivering vehicles safely and securely. Look for testimonials and reviews from other dealerships to gauge the level of service provided. Exotic Car Transport prides itself on its commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your vehicles are transported with the utmost care and professionalism.

    Availability and Reliability

    Dealerships often have time-sensitive requirements when it comes to transporting cars. It’s important to choose a car hauling service that is reliable and can accommodate your schedule. Exotic Car Transport has an extensive network of carriers and experienced drivers, ensuring that your vehicles are picked up and delivered on time.

    Understanding Legal Requirements for Car Transport

    When transporting cars for dealerships, it’s essential to understand the legal requirements involved. Each state may have different regulations and licensing requirements for car transport services. It’s important to ensure that the car hauling company you choose is properly licensed and insured to provide services in the states where you operate.

    Exotic Car Transport operates in multiple states across the United States and is fully licensed and insured. We comply with all legal requirements and ensure that your vehicles are transported in accordance with the relevant regulations.

    Special Considerations for High-End Vehicles

    Transporting high-end vehicles for dealerships requires special considerations to ensure their safety and protection. Exotic Car Transport understands the unique requirements of transporting luxury and exotic cars and provides the following services:

    Enclosed Transport for Superior Protection

    For high-end vehicles, enclosed transport is the recommended option. Enclosed trailers provide a higher level of protection from weather conditions, road debris, and other potential hazards. This method ensures that your vehicles arrive in the same pristine condition as they were when they left the dealership.

    Exotic Car Transport Expertise

    Transporting exotic cars requires specialized knowledge and expertise. At Exotic Car Transport, we have extensive experience in handling exotic vehicles and understand the intricacies involved. Our drivers are trained to handle high-end vehicles with care and professionalism, ensuring that your vehicles are transported safely and securely.

    Additional Insurance Coverage

    While all vehicles are covered by insurance during transportation, high-end vehicles may require additional coverage due to their higher value. Exotic Car Transport offers additional insurance options to provide extra peace of mind and protection for your valuable assets.

    Why Trust Exotic Car Transport for all your Dealership Car Shipping Needs

    We have a transparent and competitive approach for transporting cars for dealerships.


    Exotic Car Transport provides tracking services, allowing you to monitor the progress of your vehicles during transportation. Our customer service team is also available to provide updates and address any queries or concerns you may have.


    Before the vehicles are loaded onto the transport trailer, a thorough inspection is conducted to document their condition. This includes noting any existing damage or issues. A condition report will be prepared, and we will sign off on it.


    All vehicles transported by Exotic Car Transport are covered by comprehensive insurance. This coverage provides protection against any unexpected events or damage that may occur during transportation. Even a single scratch is on us.


    When booking your order, you will need to provide pickup and delivery details, including the locations and dates. Our team will work with you to schedule the pickup of your dealership vehicles at a time that is convenient for you.

    Trust Exotic Car Transport with Your Dealership Cars

    Transporting cars for dealerships requires a reliable and professional car hauling service. At Exotic Car Transport, we specialize in transporting high-end vehicles for dealerships, providing exceptional service, and ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your valuable assets.

    With our expertise, commitment to excellence, and customer-centric approach, we are the preferred choice for dealerships looking for reliable car hauling services. From open and enclosed transport to specialized services for high-end vehicles, Exotic Car Transport offers a comprehensive solution for all your dealership car shipping needs.

    Trust Exotic Car Transport to handle your dealership car shipping with the utmost care and professionalism.

    Contact us today to learn more about our services and receive a personalized quote for transporting cars for your dealership. Experience the peace of mind and confidence that comes with partnering with the best car shipping company for transporting vehicles for dealerships.


    We always strive to provide the highest level of customer service and to prioritize the safe and prompt delivery of your vehicle